20+ Examples of Product Display in Web Design

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E-commerce web designs are all about tempting the user into looking at your product and persuading him to buy your product with minimum harassment. With numerous e-commerce websites arousing nearly every day, it becomes difficult for all these websites to draw their share of users to visit their website and make online purchases.

It is similar to shopping in the malls in actual life, where the most attractive shelf-design attracts the majority of buyers. Online shopping too happens in a similar mode. I think these tips would be helpful for you in doing the same for your website:

Brilliant product display
The product that you intend to sell through your website must be displayed in an attractive and clear fashion. The web design should be such that it emphasizes the overall display of the product. The images used to display the products should be of good quality.

Well-defined buying process
A well-defined buying process minimizes the tedious checking-out process consequently a loss for your website. In plain words, reduce the number of clicks required to buy a product.

Prominent product buttons
The product categories, as well as the product names, need to be correctly and noticeably highlighted as well as categorized. The objective of the e-commerce website should be to make the selection process convenient and it must be complementary to the entire web development work done on the website.

Smart search process
The classification of images in a specific defined order and providing various options of search to the user would ensure that the product that one is looking for is found easily. Make the product search a hassle-free process. Avoid incorrect tagging of products or else risk you lose a customer. The search results too should be displayed in an aesthetic manner which is pleasing to both the mind and the eye.

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Highlight buy buttons
This will eventually bring you the final purchase. Make sure that the BUY buttons are highlighted and clearly visible at all the right places.

E-commerce website designing is a tedious and taxing process. But if one labor with exact intelligence, then surely one will reap great profit. E-commerce web designers have a bigger job to do in comparison with the average web designer. They must create a design that attracts visitors and also ensure that it’s highly user-friendly for visitors to browse and buy.

Examples of Product Display in Web Design

Fat Face

Free People


Steve and Co

Shop Shoe Guru


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