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Professional Approach Dealing With User Comments


Every blogger loves to hear from his blog readers as the positive comments, critics and suggestions received from users really encourage us to write more valuable content with full dedication. But what if you are not getting users comments or even if you are getting user comments are you really giving them the value they deserve?

As a blogger your job doesn’t really finishes after writing a quality content but from there you get another responsibility to deal with user comments.

Professional Approach Dealing With User Comments

Here I am discussing few tips to deal professionally with your blog comments.

1. Always Use Anti-Spam Plugin – Akismet
Akismet filters out your comment and track-back spam for you, so you can focus on more important things.

It is a good approach to use anti-spam plugin to automatically spam useless comments, otherwise you will get a flood of spam comments.

2. Manually Approve Comments, But FAST
Akismet makes your job a lot easier to filter spam comments but to get more control on user comments you should approve new comments manually. But if you are holding new comments for moderation you should be moderating them fast because users do not want to see their comments holding for moderation for many days. They will not leave comments in the future otherwise.

3. Security Checks To Pass Before Comment
Nobody wants SPAM comments on his blog but to protect your blog from spammers the plugins you install should be working fine and must be user-friendly because if your security check not working correctly it will be impossible for the readers to comment and give you their valuable feedback. They will leave your blog and chances are they will never come back again.

4. Never Leave Questions Un-answered
No matter how busy you are it becomes your first priority to check users comments and reply if any user is asking you some question. Even you don’t want to answer because the question may sound silly to you but as a professional blogger it becomes your responsibility to answer.

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5. Don’t Force The Users To Open Dictionary
Using simple words (of any language) in writing blog post or replying to uers comments make it easy to understand for everyone. So you should take care of it as well. Don’t just use difficult words because your vocabulary is good but think of thousands of users who are going to read your comments.

6. Don’t Behave Like Administrator, Be Friendly
Change your screen name from admin to your real name because the more friendly you will be with readers the more they will like to talk to you.

7. Always Show Message “Your comment is awaiting moderation”
When user leaves a comment his/her comment should not just disappear as he press the submit button, but they should see a message “your comment is awaiting moderation”. They should be able to see that their comment has been submitted to the site otherwise they will have no way to know what happened to their comment?

I hope after following these simple tips you will see positive changes and more people like to comment on your blogs.


My name is Jahangir agha, I am a professional banner designer. You can see my work at Decent Banners. You can also follow me on twitter @decentbanners.

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