Progress Bars in Web Design: Best Examples


A progress bar is an indicator of the downloading process. A progress bar is an important element of the interface, which aims to show the user the current downloading progress.

This small graphical element makes the interface not only more convenient, but also more understandable. Let’s take an example, imagine that you go to a site where you need to download videos, you select a file, press the “Download” button, and that’s all. The site does not tell anything more, neither how much time is left, nor the downloading progress. It won’t be convenient, will it? And if we add a progress bar, everything will become clear, and no unnecessary questions will arise.

Typically, the progress bar is composed of a few simple elements: the indicator itself, text boxes, display of percentage and other “buns”.

Today, we have collected for you a collection of the coolest, most original and unusual progress bars that reflect the latest trends in web design.

Progress Bar Examples


  1. HYBRIDIXSTUDIO Dec 10, 9:39 pm

    Would love to see all those progressbar live with css and jquery :) but eitherway they all look awsome, nice post designmodo!

  2. Joshua Dec 11, 2:31 am

    Great collection of progress bars, some really lovely design skills on show here!

    • Karolina Apr 28, 1:20 pm

      I wouldnt say great design skills.. but great visual skills. most of the bars are “overly-designed”..

  3. Marco Dec 12, 1:14 pm

    These graphics are very nice, but I do not know how to apply them with jquery. Is there a turorial for this? thanks

    • Paul Apr 11, 12:29 pm

      This should only be CSS. And you could add css with $(‘.selector’).addClass(‘yourClass’); ;)

  4. metku Dec 17, 7:29 am

    I am interested with the radial type progress bar. Any tutorial on how to make it work?

  5. Mike Malley Jun 7, 9:45 pm

    If you had a two dimensional array, like a chart, composed of 411 boxes, 11 boxes per each horizon line on the chart, and you wanted to be able to highlight each box, say, 1-20 as if a progressive bar were moving rapidly through the boxes and stopping at box 20, how would you do it?

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