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Professional Proposal and Invoice Templates


There are many options when it comes to writing proposals and making invoices. Countless businesses and self-employed individuals have counted on expensive software options to create templates for these vital documents. Still others have relied on old-fashioned methods like physically writing out the invoiced or proposals with a pen and paper. In the 21st century, there are plenty of different ways to get your proposals and invoices out to your customers that are intuitive and sleek.

Indeed, using Adobe InDesign or Photoshop you can make and/or download a variety of different templates that are both functional and easy to use. For those that are not technically gifted with ample design abilities, the prospect of making a template can likely give you a headache. But, many designers have gone out of their ways to provide you with a wide variety of unique templates that provide for easy editing and supreme usability.

Both InDesign and Photoshop operate off of the Adobe Creative Suite (CS) technology which is technically on version 6 at the moment. Of course, there are many different templates that are compatible with previous versions of CS, so you don’t have to worry about having outdated software. Templates also occasionally come in PDF files and Microsoft Word documents to provide options for a wide range of users.

Having a template at your disposal gives you the freedom to plug in different values and options for virtually all your invoices and proposals. Most of these options will allow you to include a logo and also alter some or all of the premade content. The real benefit comes with having the template itself. It provides you with a new, aesthetically pleasing way to send bills and proposals out to your clients to help you stand out among the rest.

The following is a list of 20 different proposal and invoice templates that are sure to be effective for a number of different businesses.

Proposal and Invoice Templates

Sleek Proposal – Professional Proposal Template

The name of this template really says it all. The sleek design and easy functionality make it perfect for a wide variety of professional uses. It comes with high-quality invoices, interesting proposal documents, and even the option to create different packages with checks and minuses to indicate what the packages will provide.

Premium Proposal Template – w/ Contract & Invoice

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The Premium Proposal Template comes equipped with both long and short proposal options, 20 different color palettes, and invoice and contract templates as well. You’ll find everything you need to get the job, and get the job done.

Professional Proposal Pack + Business Cards!

In this pack you’ll find a wide array of options including, of course, business cards. You’ll also find a unique design and plenty of other options to keep your clients interested in anything you have to offer. The template has a 6-page proposal with a completion form and even 5 stock photos to beautify your page.

Wireframe: Proposal Template w/ Invoice & Contract

With its extensive options including five different cover pages, you’ll have all your bases covered with this template. It features long and short proposal forms along with contracts and invoices completely created using InDesign. You can also link to an Excel file for your invoice.

Icon: Proposal Template w/ Invoice & Contract

The Icon Proposal Template comes with over 30 different pages of content designed to help you make the most of your most important documents. They feature long and short proposals along with invoices and contracts all in a sleek design that is eminently and immediately customizable.

Social Media Business Solution

Here you’ll find a complete proposal package with 10 pages in 3 different styles. You can also use it in both InDesign and Microsoft Word. It is particularly suited to social media proposals that work to illuminate the benefits of working with social media. The easy, floating design is soft on the eyes and full of all the important things you might need including invoices, agreement letters, and projects and pricing pages.

Proposal Template

With a simple name like Proposal Template, you might expect this to be a simple product. In fact, it looks and feels almost exactly like a book or magazine that you can flip through. You can customize colors, add pages, and provide your clients with an easy to read document that’s full of information. It also, of course, comes with a marching invoice and PDF/Word compatibility.

Web Business Collateral – Contract, Proposal

Optimized for web businesses, this proposal option gives you simplicity and functionality all with a template that utilizes only free fonts. The design is subtle but professional and it even comes with a “Thank You” post card for when the contract has been signed.


The name of the template lets you know that it’s all about business. The professional design comes in 12 different page layouts and an unlimited amount of color options. The text is completely editable and only uses free fonts that are easily downloadable.

Modern Single Invoice

With only a single invoice page, this sleekly-designed template provides you with easy access and easy readability. It comes in three different colors and is fully customizable.

Web Site Advertising Proposal

Built with website advertising in mind, this proposal allows you to plug in pictures and statistics and send the proposal off via PDF file. This proposal template provides you the ability to get your name out there in a unique way. They also provide extensive documentation including a fully functional demo version with real content (not lorem ipsum).

Invoices – Clean & Ready Templates

These invoice templates come in 4 different color options. It is compatible with CS3 programs (and above) and can also be used with Microsoft Word and Corel Draw.

Dynamic Project Proposal Pack

The readymade project pack gives you everything you need to make quotes, timelines, and, of course, the proposal itself. You’ll also find a business card template that matches the theme and color options you apply to the proposal pack.


With only 4 pages and a minimalist design, this proposal template grants you the ability to make quick proposals that are still functional. It comes in three preset color designs with three free fonts, but it is fully customizable if you want the color and font to match your brand.

Grex Proposal/Resume/Invoice Template Package

With the Grex template package, you’ll receive any documentation you need to get jobs and make money. It even comes with a resume page that allows you to list a whole host of your talents and qualifications.

Professional Invoice

Professional and simple, this modern single page invoice comes in four different color themes. The design is stripped to the basics but can be customized and added on to easily.

Socialika Social Media Business Proposal

An ideal proposal for social media businesses, Socialika’s template is highly customizable and full of 16 different pages to really attract the eye. It also comes with 2 cover options to really make a good first impression.

Simply Premium 7 – InDesign Template

A wide variety of customization options is the hallmark of Simply Premium 7. Everything from paragraphs and headers to pricing packages and employee lists comes in a several different readymade styles. You can also, of course, edit just about anything you want.

Corporate Proposal + Contract + Invoice

Made for corporate sensibilities, this professional proposal template comes complete with a contract and invoice page. There are 17 total pages to help you make the best proposals in the industry. The package also provides you with 3 different cover options.

GD Real Proposal 01 + Invoice + Contract

With 25 pages in the proposal package, you’ll never be at a loss for content. The proposal also comes with a real website development agreement as dictated by US law. It also has no dummy text so you can include whatever you’d like in terms of text.

Proposals and invoices are vital documents for any entity that wants to conduct business online. They can even make for high-quality physical documents for those who need real world, tangible compatibility. However you use these templates, it’s certain that your clients are going to find them unique, interesting, and indicative of a creative team willing to provide the best service possible.

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