The Powerful WordPress plugin to easily create beautiful landing-pages in no time. With no coding skills.

Qards Plugin Font Settings Panel
  • Stack-and-Play

    Mix, match and combine a wide variety of pre-designed cards to create a website that perfectly expresses your design concept.

    Our smart system allows you to play with various content, layout and style options on the fly…without worrying about the code - ever.

  • Pre-Designed Blocks

    A huge variety of carefully-designed cards offers incredible flexibility and simplicity. Customize the content to make your site unique and special.

  • Fully Responsive

    Your site will scale flawlessly across any screen size with clean code that adapts perfectly to any device.

  • No Coding Required

    Use our pre-built blocks and components to create complete websites without having to deal with mind-numbing software or coding.

  • Easy Click-to-change Editor

    Click on any card and you can modify or edit it’s content in a matter of seconds. Customizing a site has never been easier.

  • Built With WordPress

    Qards uses native WordPress code, so you can make the magic happen with thousands of different themes. Integration is flawless.

  • Mailchimp Subscriptions

    Keeping your subscribers in the loop is a breeze - Mailchimp integration is built into Qards DNA.

  • The same beautiful experience across devices.

    Retina Ready

    Every Qards site is retina ready. Your pages will pop with sharp, gorgeous images and type on devices that support retina display.

    Responsive Layout

    Every Qards template is mobile-ready to ensure a seamless, consistent experience across any device.

  • Unlimited Layout Options

    Customization is Quick and Easy

    Ready-to-use components in 8 content categories offers you limitless design flexibility.

    • Cover
    • Image
    • Text
    • Feature
    • Grid
    • Menu
    • Footer
    • Subscribe
  • iPad App

How does it work?

Use blocks and components to create your website. Then simply edit anything or everything at any time to suit your design.


Ready to Purchase?

Whether you’re looking to create a single website or need to build WordPress sites for multiple clients, we’ve got a plan to fit your needs.

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    1 Domain
    Limited Features
    Limited Cards

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    1 Domain
    Support & Updates
    No Monthly Fees

  • Agency


    5 Domains
    Support & Updates
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