22 Examples of Rainbow Elements in Web Design

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Creators, no matter which is the medium of their creation, are often seen taking inspiration from nature. In case of website designing the idea does not become very different. Web designers and developers often take inspiration for their designing and development projects from different elements of nature; rainbow is one very popular of them for sure. Since normally web designing involved dealing with lots of colors so web designers like to use the rainbow elements in designing tasks to make the design more attractive to the viewers.

While browsing in the web you can find several sites that have this effect in them. While we are taking about using the rainbow elements in web designs there are some points that are needed to be cleared. Being inspired with the colorfulness of rainbow, web designers try to use this colorful natural object in different ways. Some use lots of colors that are present in the rainbow while designing a site, some designers prefer to use colorful lines in their designs that have resemblance with the image of rainbow and viewers can get the effect of rainbow through it. There are some designers who directly use the actual rainbow images in the design. The use of rainbow images or colorful lines in the website similar to a rainbow is a very creative idea and can be done perfectly only by the designers who have enough skill and confidence on the use of colors.

If the business demands the use of lots of bright colors then only designers should use this elements in web design otherwise it can bring some negative effect to the site. Imagine two websites, one offers debt consolidation solutions to their clients and the other one provides web designing service. In this case the rainbow elements would go best with the website that offers web designing service since a debt consolidation firm has least cause of using rainbow in their business to impress their clients. So be careful about the purpose of the website while using the rainbow elements in web design.

In the internet there are lots of examples of sites who have this element and attract lots of visitors every day. These sites can be great examples for the upcoming web designers to know the perfect use of rainbow elements in web designing task.

Rainbow Elements in Web Design


Colombian Coffee Hub


The Neighbourhood



Beautiful 2.0


Aspanovas Bizkaia

Every Pixel Counts

Manchester Craft Mafia

Elliot Lepers


Truly Design

Alexander Zhestkov




Nybble Designs



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  1. Rachael Mar 15, 12:07 pm

    Such a great collection of rainbow sites here, I like the different mixes with subtle uses of rainbow with the Truly Design, which uses no colours else where so the bright stripes really stand out and catch your eye, in comparison with the more in your face examples such as the Aspanovas Bizkaia design, which works really well with the stripey rainbow socks!

    I think my favourite overall design is the one from Every Pixel Counts, I like the use of colours against the grungy looking background and I think it looks very different from the Beautiful 2.0 example which is very similar in how it uses colours and textures overall.

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