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“Real Colors” App – How to Find Your Words as Web Designer


Our entire lives will be unimaginable without the possibility of suggesting, expressing, or informing one another with the help of words. Willingly or not, our evolution has been determined by language developments. The world of web designers is amazing because of the way communication is being handled, obviously most of the time using words, but the truly amazing factor is that they also use other modalities of expressing their ideas – some more discrete ways of communication that manipulate the subliminal of the viewers. It’s not a secret but web designers always tried to manipulate people – the construction of websites is not just a science, at the same time it is an art.

A professional web designer prefers to use colors instead of words. The language is more subtle and efficient. If you aren’t sure about these ideas then ask yourself and find a proper answer why the huge majority of the official websites of the financial institutions are using blue? Why the most call to action buttons are red and not pale white? It’s simple: blue is the most worldwide appreciated color and it suggests calmness, reliability and stability – must have features in banking industry. Instead, the red color is suggesting acting, making decisions, being thus suitable for call-to-action buttons.

Real colors

The designers are aware of the amazing power of colors and keep their favorite color combinations secret; beside that, everyone has some favorite nuances, therefore if you haven’t dive deep in this field, you are losing some precious best practices. The developers from Makan Studios perfectly knew this and created an amazing instrument to help designers deal with colors. To get a better idea about the importance and utility of this application, you could compare with a dictionary. Yep, as the dictionary is for speaking, the Real colors application is for colors.

Real colors is an Android based app that helps designers a lot, the mechanism behind being simple: when you see a nice color combination and want to store it for your future projects, this application will help you realize that. The idea is very similar to a dictionary, isn’t it? This app benefits from very positive feedback from the clients and the reviews on Google Play are also appreciative. The compliments don’t come only from the designers; even Android fans and developers admire it and recommend it to users. It was Staff Pick on Google Play, was featured on Friday App Review and lots of reviews highlighted its qualities.There is enough evidence to motivate you to take this wonderful application into account.

But what in fact is doing Real colors?

It is a delightful application that can be installed on your smartphone/tablet so you will use it whenever you want. The magic of this consists in the possibility of taking a picture (via your smartphone camera or from other images stored on it) and determining the color palette. There are other great advantages of this app that must be mentioned:

It is cheap, useful and simple to use

Useful and simple to use

Real colors costs only 4.99$, but the help you get is priceless. In order to have it on your Android based device you should search it on Google Play, pay for it, and install it. It has only 6.00 M, therefore it won’t affect the storage capabilities too much.

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There is a free version

Free version

If you are still not too confident about the utility of this application, then their creators offer you a free version that keeps all the important features. In fact, by using this you won’t be able to admire all the chromatic combination available as complementary, triadic, monochromatic etc. and it won’t generate specific wallpapers that use the colors that impressed you. Now, it is very simple to make an idea about: install the free version, test it, and if you consider that it may be helpful, buy the full options app.

The app is doing its job almost instantly

The app is doing its job almost instantly

The developers created tons of similar applications, but Real colors stands apart because (but not only from this fact) it’s doing its job very quickly by offering very good results. Probably this is one of the most important features, you don’t have to wait for minutes to see the palette; the creators said it takes maximum 30 seconds (I tried it personally and in just few seconds the application revealed the color palette).

The final product – the color palette

The final product- the color palette

Every web designer has his own secrets and, in consequence, everyone stores his favorite items. The same idea is applied to the colors, if one of the designers notices a cool color combination his desire is to find the RBG format of it, which is pretty difficult. Fortunately, it is resolved by Real colors by using the camera of your phone/tablet.

Another major advantage of this application is that not only it offers the color combinations of the images, but also you may see various types of color schemas (monochromatic, complementary, analogous, triad, split complementary, tetrad and shades). The more interested ones may even play with nuances until the perfect color combination is found. The explanation seems a little bit complicated, but by using the application, you will quickly understand how to benefit from it. Depending on each ones’ preference, you may work with the colors in RGB (red, green, blue) or HSB (hue, saturation, brightness).

Share with your friends or export!

Share with your friends or export!

Any web designer will appreciate this application and will determine lots of amazing color pallets that aren’t necessarily secret. Real color has the feature of sharing the color pallets using various modalities (Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and many others). It’s really fun but also useful to share your color ideas, so I recommend trying it and surely you will be amazed by it.

The great guys that created Real colors said that it is only the beginning phase, there are tons of more useful features to be added and the feedback of users is extremely important. Furthermore, in a few weeks they want to release the versions for iOS based devices; you will be able to install Real colors on your iPhone/iPad.

You should keep in mind that Real colors automatically generates harmonious color palettes from photos taken with the mobile phone and it has two versions: one free to test its features and one Pro that is doing everything you would image from such an application.

Briefly, your opinion about this app is very carefully studied and taken into account, and it’s no wonder you can receive a free license by providing some good ideas. To support this idea, by commenting about Real colors or sharing with us your personal experience with this tool you may receive a free license. Besides that, there isn’t only a single license to give, there are ten licenses to give away. The idea of the contest is simple: you give us feedback if you use it or write what you will do with this app. In few days we will randomly select ten winners and contact them. I wish you good luck!

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