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Premium Responsive Website Admin Templates


Everyone who’s got a website probably understands the value of a functional and unique admin template. For the most part, these website admin pages are going to found in the backend portion of your website. The default options for most services tend to leave a bit to be desired. Indeed, some functions can be difficult to find and the interface itself might be clunky and poorly designed. Many webmasters would likely tell you that it’s important to get a website admin option that is streamlined and right for you.

The internet, as always, is here to rescue you from poor or dysfunctional admin templates. Professional designers have made a bevy of different options that will likely work perfectly for your website. Most of these templates provide more options than your standard default backend portion would. They generally utilize jQuery functionality to give you the best and most simplified way to edit your website. They also usually come with graphs and charts and a number of other features all in an expertly designed package.

Most of the templates tend to include responsive web design which basically ensures that you’ll be able to use your admin functions from a variety of different devices. Responsiveness makes it so that you don’t have to resize your browser and that everything is easily accessible.

Many different templates are optimized for one type of business or the other, but, in large part, they’re all going to be more effective than default templates. Below are a few of the best website admin templates you can find anywhere on the internet.

Responsive Admin Templates

Constellation complete admin skin

One of the best-selling admin skins on the market, Constellation has consistently proven effective for a wide variety of users. It comes in two different layouts and is powered entirely by jQuery. There’s also a mobile version that lets you make changes to your site easily on the go.

Simpla Admin – Flexible & User Friendly Admin skin

The Simpla Admin skin is uniquely designed to provide the utmost in user-friendliness. It comes complete with jQuery compatibility and a WYSIWYG editor that makes customization quite simple. It comes with three different color varieties and a liquid layout that allows you to view it on a number of platforms.

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White Label – a full featured Admin Skin

White Label comes with unique UI jQuery sliders, 21 different integrated plugins, and is based on a 960 grid system. It has two predefined skins and is also compatible with most iOS products (including the iPhone and iPad). It also comes with forms, charts, and over 300 icons to help make your site the best it can be.

Adminica – The Professional Admin Template

Adminica comes complete with intuitive flow charts, graphs, data tables, and much more. It’s all powered by jQuery and the jQuery UI so you know that it will be easily navigable. It also comes in a variety of colors and is optimized for all kinds of different mobile devices.

Developr – Fully Responsive Admin Skin

This skin comes complete with mobile compatibility, 15 unique and powerful plugins, and 9 different color varieties. It also has 6 distinct error pages and over 120 different vector icons to choose from. It’s also got an attractive, user-friendly design that can be mastered by even the most inexperienced novice.

It’s Brain – premium admin theme

The name of this admin skin is certainly unique and that might be because the actual theme is unique in and of itself. It comes with over 300 icons in 2 different sizes, 19 HTML pages, and dark and light variations to suit your needs. You’ll also find over 20 different built-in plugins that make web design super easy.

Adminus – Beautiful admin panel interface

Powered by jQuery scripts, the Adminus theme provides a clean and intuitive backend interface. You’ll find customizable graphs and charts along with a WYSIWYG editor that makes it simple to customize.

Gebo Admin Responsive Template

Built around the Bootstrap Framework, this intuitively-designed template is all about the data. It comes with a variety of graphs, charts, and tables that make it easy to compile, edit, and analyze data. It also comes with a WYSIWYG editor and two icon sets.

Aquincum – Premium Responsive Admin Template

With a grid layout and simple design, you’re certain to find this admin template simple to use. It has a very user-friendly navigation with the ability to create all kinds of data tables and charts. It also comes with 6 customized buttons and a user interface that helps keep you organized and on-task.

MWS Admin – Full Featured Admin Template

The MWS Admin template comes with everything you need for your admin interface. It includes 17 built-in plugins, a simple layout, and plenty of different button styles. It’s also based on the Bootstrap system for easy navigation and control.

Admintasia-Powerful backend admin user interface

This admin template is completely customizable and enhanced to create a unique user interface experience. You can switch between fluid and fixed layouts. The template also comes with buttons, modals, and virtually everything you need for a complete admin experience.

Boxie Admin

The sleek design of this template comes in seven different vibrant colors and is compatible with a number of new and old web browsers. The simple user interface is enhanced by jQuery and makes navigation super simple.

Chromatron HTML5 Admin Backend

Chromatron enhances the user experience by providing less code to work with overall. It also comes with jQuery plugins and is built on the Bootstrap framework for easily navigation.

Slate Admin

This template provides you with 3 distinct designs and over 10 different page layouts. The skin is powered largely by jQuery and features all kinds of different button options to choose from.

Profi Admin – Administration for the professionals

As with many other admin templates, the Profi Admin template utilizes the jQuery UI to fully enhance the user experience. It’s based off of a 960 grid system and maintains both fixed and fluid layouts. It’s also got a simple WYSIWYG editor that makes it fun and easy to edit text.

Crown – Premium Responsive Admin Theme

Crown is packed to the gills with over 530 different icons, over 30 different plugins, and over 15 different content widgets. Their menu options have over 4 different drop down styles, so you can choose the one that’s right for you. They’ve also got simple tables, animated progress bars, and 10 premade backgrounds.

Cleanity Complete Admin / CMS Skin

The clean, simple design of this template gives you the ability to make changes to your site without all the unnecessary flash. You’ll find accordion sidebar menus, an intuitive jQuery calendar, and a whole host of other options.

Supr – Responsive Admin Template

Based on the Bootstrap framework, you’ll find easy to read charts, colorful notifications, and intuitive circular sliders that provide a unique way to customize. It also comes stocked with galleries and over 400 different icons.

vPad – HTML5+CSS3 App Framework

Built with both desktop and mobile (iOS) compatibility in mind, vPad provides everything you need for an admin template. It comes with a drill down menu, pop over widgets, and a plethora of other unique options.

Wide Admin – Powerful Backend Interface

The themes in the Wide Admin template are designed with jQuery so you know they’ll be intuitive and easy on the eyes. It comes with a fluid layout and a full width option that can open up the screen immensely.

Everyone who has their own website is going to need a backend admin interface. With one of these options, you’re sure to find that and much more. The intuitive designs are all made with the user in mind. In order to have the best website, you’re going to need to have some kind of great admin template at your disposal.

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