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Responsive WordPress WooCommerce Themes, Best of Premium


Themes come with a wide range of compatibility options as well. There are many different styles and functionalities to choose from. WooCommerce has begun to come to the fore when it comes to optimized e-commerce themes. In fact, these responsive themes are uniquely tailored to improving the strength, flexibility, and usability of your website. WooCommerce themes are particularly helpful for vendors because they simplify all the steps needed for online shopping. They also generally come equipped with a wide variety of different customizable options to give your website a unique flair. Setting up a shop is incredibly easy with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce itself is a plugin for WordPress, but the themes are generally built around that one plugin. This is largely because WooCommerce is so simple to use, and it’s natural to want to augment that simplicity with a little flair.

Below is a list of the 20 best WooCommerce responsive themes for your WordPress site.

Responsive WooCommerce Themes

MayaShop – A Flexible Responsive e-Commerce Theme


With this theme, you’ll find 8 different sliders (2 of which are unique) with over 50 different custom backgrounds to choose from right out of the box. You’ll also be able to customize the color schemes as you see fit with an unlimited amount of color options. It also comes in two different layouts that are sure to catch the eye of your customers.

Flashlight – fullscreen background portfolio theme


The Flashlight theme is optimized for anyone, including novices and experienced developers. It is fully editable and comes with five different gallery types and even full screen sliders. Displaying your products has never been quite this easy or expansive. It’s also fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices.

Sommerce Shop – A Versatile E-commerce Theme

Sommerce Shop

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With all sorts of customization options, Sommerce Shop provides uniqueness to any WooCommerce websites. There are 60 custom backgrounds, 6 different slider options, and 2 elegant menu choices. It also comes with 10 different custom header options and the ability to alter any of these on your own.

Propulsion – responsive business & eCommerce


With 20 premade skins and a variety of other options, Propulsion certainly makes a case for one of the best options for your WooCommerce enabled website. It’s also optimized for bbpress forums and video support. The drag and drop builder makes constructing your site a breeze.

Abundance – eCommerce Business Theme


This theme comes complete with several different layouts, 16 unique skins, and 5 slider options to choose from. Everything is, of course, supremely editable from the layout to the color options. It also has a built-in Mega Menu to make navigation much simpler.

Viroshop – A Modern Responsive WooCommerce Theme


Viroshop makes use of unlimited sidebars and unlimited sliders to give your website a unique sort of functionality. They’ve also got YouTube support, 6 different color schemes, and 50 background options.

Kinetico – Responsive WordPress E-Commerce


The powerful admin functions and easy to use layout builder make this theme well worth your while. Anyone from novices to experienced designers can find something useful with this theme. It’s also got a simple slider manager and 6 built-in color schemes (although you can change the color to anything you’d like).

WordPress Sold! Responsive/E-Commerce Theme

WordPress Sold

The WordPress Sold! theme comes with unlimited color options and unique sliders. It also runs off of a pk2012 format for more customization and includes 5 premade templates mad specifically for a variety of different operations.

Mercor – Responsive WordPress WooCommerce Theme


With an easy to use shopping cart option and several different styles and themes, this template is sure to give you the best bang for your buck. It comes with easy install instructions, sliders for your articles, and video support to really showcase your products.

Cheope Shop – Flexible e-Commerce Theme

Cheope Shop

The Cheope Shop theme is ready for virtually anything you might need. It’s got a “catalog” mode option that allows you to turn the cart off and use the site simply as a catalog. There are also 2 different unique checkout options, 8 sliders, and even the options for a Mega Menu.

Organic Shop – Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Organic Shop

The Organic Shop theme is fully optimized for a shop that is selling health, spa, or organic products. The light green theme is eye-catching, but subtle and identifies your business adroitly. You can also include multiple pictures for every product.

Enfinity – Adaptive Ecommerce Portfolio WP theme


The Enfinity theme comes with all the functionality and unique options you’d expect from a premium WooCommerce theme. It comes with five different skins (with unlimited customizability), camera slideshow compatibility, a sidebar generator, and 5 built-in widgets.

The Builder – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

The Builder

Flexibility is key with this WooCommerce-optimized theme. Editing the layout, content, and overall theme is incredibly easy to do. It also comes with a few built-in features for those who just need a website fast. Still, there are relatively few themes that allow you this much customization with so much simplicity.

Bellissima – Responsive WooCommerce Template


This theme comes with 5 vibrant color schemes that will really catch the attention of any potential customers. Optimized for customers in the health and beauty business, Bellissima provides enhanced glamour in a supremely functional package.

Camp – Responsive eCommerce Theme


Optimized for retina display, the Camp theme will definitely jump off the page on a number of devices. They also have product ratings built-in to the WooCommerce options as well as custom e-Commerce widgets. The design is easily navigable and you can have an unlimited amount of color schemes.

Replete e-Commerce and Business


With this theme, you can build your own unique skins or choose from 13 custom and elegant skins built-in to the theme. It comes with video support, Mega Menus, and many different SEO options to ensure that your site will be viewed by countless individuals.

Mearishop – a Clean Responsive E-commerce Theme


Geared toward shop owners, this theme comes complete with 7 different sliders and a bevy unique customization options. It comes with 34 background patterns, 7 background areas, and unlimited color options. It also comes with a user-friendly and powerful admin panel to create your website as you see fit.

Handmade – WordPress eCommerce Theme


Intricately designed and fully optimized for a wide variety of e-Commerce options, the Handmade theme allows you to create galleries, add taglines to your logo, and much more. It’s also easily navigable and enhanced with a unique homepage.

Xing – Business / ecommerce WordPress Theme


With two different layouts and built-in social sharing, you could feasibly have a wide audience in no time. It comes with several different sliders, 4 color schemes, and the ability to post video, images, and audio.

Bonfire – WordPress eCommerce Theme


Last but not least, Bonfire comes with 6 unique skins and a Deals slider that can show off any of your best deals with ease. Elegantly designed and optimized for any business venture, Bonfire could easily be your next WooCommerce theme.

Although WooCommerce functionality is certainly a plus, everyone still wants a website that is intuitive and nice to look at. With these 20 options, you’re sure to find a theme that fits with what you’re doing. Most of these options can be integrated into your website in a matter of five minutes to provide you with a fully functional WooCommerce theme.

WordPress is optimized for a wide variety of uses that make it perfect for just about anyone. Of course, it doesn’t immediately come with superlative compatibility for a wide range of different functions. In large part, you’re either going to have to design something yourself or purchase something from and independent source. For instance, WordPress allows you full customization for the theme of your website, but those themes don’t just appear magically. For those who don’t have the time or expertise to create themes on their own, there are plenty of options that have been created by independent designers.

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