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Free and Premium Restaurants/Cafes Website Templates


Using the restaurants and cafes HTML website templates is a brilliant idea, especially for those who have limited budget in their hand. Even a novice can create a website out of these HTML templates and layouts with the basic knowledge in HTML coding. These templates can be edited with the help of webpage editing tools like Macromedia Dreamweaver and many other web page authoring tools. Through editing you can change the color scheme of the pages, add extra pages, change the navigation options or add or change images in the web payouts. So after downloading the templates you can give it your own touch of individuality very easily.

While searching on net one can find numerous websites on several items and services. Some of them are really eye catching. The websites of restaurants and cafes are one of them that attract us easily. However, obtaining a gorgeous looking restaurant website is not as simple as it seems. Lots of efforts are needed in order to get that alluring look and stunning features. That is why some prefer to use the templates and layouts to create websites for restaurants and cafes.

We all know that restaurant and cafe websites are generally bright in color and get up and have amazing images to attract the foodies. With the color and image editing option, you can include your favorite color or images to your site and give it an exclusivity of its own. For the new comers in this zone having HTML restaurant websites templates is a great idea since they can download it from the net for totally free of cost. So initially they don’t need to invest anything for their website. Other than the free templates, there are premium html templates which can be bought from the web anytime you want. With these free and premium HTML restaurant or cafe website templates and layouts you will be to have a nice and colorful portal with a smart appearance.

These templates and layouts are designed by the highly qualified professionals of this field of web designing. So they have all the qualities of a good website and that is why you never have to worry about the service of the site. They are smart and attractive in design and at the same time they are user friendly and efficient in service.

Restaurants/Cafes Website Templates


The header section of the template is marked by a splendid vector illustration that speaks for itself. There are a batch of textured blocks and vibrant areas that convey a feeling of a local friendly cafe on a street corner. However, the artistic design is not the only one great thing here; there are also other valuable features such as:

  • PSD files;
  • cross-browser compatibility (IE 6, IE 7, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome);
  • 4 custom pages.


If you are familiar with color psychology then you will truly appreciate this template. Here a red tone totally dominates throughout the design trying to develop and increase your appetite. Graphics and decorative elements are made in exquisite style. Complementary golden coloring naturally blends in aesthetics. As for functionality, the template ships with:

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  • clean code;
  • valid HTML/CSS;
  • standard fonts.

Restaurant Layout

The theme has a blog structure with a fixed left-sided navigation panel that you can easily adapt to your restaurant needs. You not only can run a blog with articles dedicated to food or catering but also transform it into a pleasant, compact and tasteful official website of your café or pub.

The theme includes areas for:

  • displaying your popular dishes;
  • showcasing yummy images of courses;
  • expressing clients’ thoughts;
  • members to login.

Fresh Bread

Properly selected and placed visuals play a significant role in promoting your restaurant. Having a website that from the first seconds will draw users’ attention to mouth-watering detailed image of your popular snack means a lot. The front page should inspire users to stay and enjoy, like this template does, the upper part of which is reserved for such purposes.

It also establishes a warm and pleasant atmosphere thanks to coloring and lots of whitespace. You can freely use it as a blog or a standard website.


The theme’s layout is skillfully divided into 4 columns, each of which is aimed to shed a light upon your restaurant. Thus you will be able to display your logo, introduce yourself, present a sneak peek of your upcoming events as well as provide users with a handy navigation and a batch of helpful links compactly arranged together in one page and presented in non-intrusive manner. An idea of leveraging bright mouth-watering photos as backgrounds that set a tone for a whole vertical section is really intriguing and eye-catching.

Little Cafe

This vibrant theme has a boxy vibe and structured appearance that allow demonstrating information about your cafe or pub in a well-organized way. The template implies areas for displaying special menu, ordinary menu, block with introduction and a list of links. Although it seems that it is not enough, however as for the landing page that should provide information in concise, and at the same time, alluring form it is more than sufficient.

Small Restaurant

The theme is a reminiscent of a neat and elegant menu card that features a harmonious combination of images and copy compactly arranged on a relatively small area. Although this is a minimal website, however it is able to effectively present your popular dishes, today’s special offers, links to menu sections and welcome message.

As for design, the color scheme creates a pleasant impression as well as naturally emphasizes key items such as price tags and titles. Thanks to densely packed composition, the theme also will look nice on tablets.

Premium Restaurants/Cafes Website Templates

App Website

App Website

App Website is a refined and neat landing page that radiates of modernity and sophistication. If you are serious about conquering a virtual world through establishing your restaurant online then you should definitely opt for this template. Not only has it come with such integral features as:

  • responsive gird;
  • support for retina displays;
  • robust grid structure.

but it also has a stylish flat appearance with balanced structure that as well meets current web requirements.

Deal Website

Deal Website

The welcome section of this theme is well-suited for promoting your restaurant: it falls into 2 uneven parts that can showily demonstrate your dishes. The first block can be used for displaying your tasty photos whereas the second one can be allocated for your today’s specials or great deals.

Besides, add to this an ability to quickly adapt to small screens, and you will embrace a truly huge online audience that prefers using mobiles and tablets for surfing the internet.


All we have expectations concerning promoting our business online, and restaurateurs are not exceptions. Though it may seem that they are interested only in cooking delicious dishes and creating welcoming atmosphere in their establishments, yet they are also in need of a perfect online foundation that will help them to notify online audience about their existence. So even if you are on a shoestring, you can always leave your mark by building up a simple yet informative website on a basis of one of those listed above, whether you choose a free version or paid one, the theme will definitely take your business to the next level.

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