Free and Premium Restaurants/Cafes Style WordPress Themes


Now-a-days, the restaurant WordPress themes have become significantly popular and there have been many café owners who are creating impressive websites with help of the WordPress CMS. In the present world of modern business, internet plays a major role in communicating its information or brand to the targeted audiences or customers. There are more than thousands of restaurants or cafes that have good websites. It is very crucial for any restaurant to develop a website in order to promote their services and to deliver the value or purpose of their business. Many people might think that creating a website could cost thousands of dollars but the fact is that the process does not ask for too much cost involvement.

There are more than thousands of free and premium restaurant or café style WordPress themes that allow the users to create impressive websites for their business. The major features that are required before creating a restaurant website are the menu page that is very essential for any website, the location page that helps the visitors to locate or find the address of the restaurant or café, built-in blogs that brings more traffic to the site, a stylish or a stunning slide show which displays the menus, list of employees involved in the establishment and posting attractive images of the restaurant or café.

Make sure you upload as many images as possible in the individual pages or posts in the website.  A good restaurant definitely needs a good and creative website that makes it the best place for amusement and delicacies. In case you have a good restaurant or café and have not created any website, then you are missing out most of the clients.

Do you wish to establish your restaurant’s presence online; are you excited to showcase your delicious food items? Do you really want to win over people with your restaurant or do you wish to attract more visitors or guests to your hotel? Do you want to reflect the culinary style and the establishment’s entity? WordPress themes are the right choice for you to create a mouth watering restaurant website. Having an online presence could also save a lot of time and money that that would not have been possible in case you had adopted conventional ways of advertising your products. Hopefully, there are excellent choices of free and premium restaurant themes available with WordPress.

Free Restaurants/Cafes Style WordPress Themes

WP-Vitos WordPress Themes

WP-MyKitchen WordPress Themes

WP-Italian Rest WordPress Themes


  1. Rachael Mar 27, 10:58 am

    There are some really nice examples here in the premium section!

    I really like the first four examples in the premium section, I like the MagTruetitude template with the paisley pattern down the side. I also really like the Delicioso and the Pluto patterns with the large spaces for images in both, its a great place to showcase the food and pictures of the restaurant. Similarily I like the use of an image of the restaurant as a background image in the Victoria Template.

    Thanks for the collection.

  2. Zahid Apr 25, 1:02 pm

    i some how cant upload plugin,,,, .. error
    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the plugin…

    The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

    Plugin install failed.

    any help…..

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