20 Free Resume/CV HTML Website Templates and Layouts

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Do you have the aspiration to stand out from the competition during the process of interviews or job applications? Then resume or CV website templates and layouts are the perfect tools for you. It gives you prominence and a mark of individuality among the other job seekers. You can download free HTML website templates on github.

Showing off your experiences, educational qualifications and other skills and talents through a CV website is a brilliant idea to impress the interviewers and the employers. It will not only make a difference but help you to prove yourself as a hardcore professional who knows the proper use of modern technologies.

Those days are gone when resume or CV was considered to be just a piece of paper where you wrote down all your educational and professional achievements with some basic personal information. With the advent of technologies, the views have changed a lot. The concept of presenting one’s achievements and self-marketing has taken a new look altogether.

Resume/CV HTML Templates

Now people want to make some differences which take them a few steps ahead of the others. And the idea of premium Resume/CV HTML website templates and layouts is the best to create an individual identity amongst a throng of job seekers. Those who want to make a difference in the interview, choose this idea.

These templates have plenty of options to make your CV attractive and self-expressive. You will have the option of mentioning the details of your achievements with an elaborate discussion of your projects and working experiences hitherto. You can have a page with clear and catchy divisions for a different sector of your life.

The option of using multiple pages with different sections is also there. With a print.css you can also have the option of getting a printed version of your CV anytime you want.

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These templates are incredibly creative with many options and features that you hardly get to accumulate manually in a piece of paper. The premium resume/CV HTML website templates and layouts give you the chance to enhance your contact options since you include links of your social profiles in that website.

You can add your project details, testimonials from your previous employers or other working details with your resume to impress the interviewers.

Free Resume/CV HTML Website Templates


DIY HTML Resume offers you a simple solution to begin your searches for a job when you are ready. It does not look original or creative; however, it is an optimal way of listing all your pros and presents yourself in a concise and clean manner. Thanks to the classic horizontal stripe layout, four-column structure, neutral coloring and excellent formatting, it can be used as an ideal skeleton for creating something more sophisticated. Though, if you do not have much time, you can use it like that.

One Page Résumé Site

One Page Résumé Site is aimed to be used as a resume or a minimalistic personal website with a focus on the portfolio. The author has incorporated such vital details as

  • well-organized table for showing important features including education, skills, experience, hobbies;
  • smart microformats for contact information;
  • semantically correct definition list;
  • ready-to-be print version.

Premium Resume/CV HTML Website Templates

Symplicity CV / Portfolio Page

Simplicity CV is a one-page theme that is powered by extra jQuery features for a more dynamic and engaging experience. It leverages bright coloring and geometric shapes to establish an energetic and positive mood. It is professionally crafted and comprises

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  • a gallery for showcasing the best of the artworks,
  • beautiful tooltips;
  • contact form for quick interaction with potential customers that has a validation to exclude spam.

What’s more, it is cross browser compatible and even can be printed right away.

Aurelo Resume / CV Premium Template

Aurelio resume has a look of a conventional minimalistic online personal portfolio. It is based on a solid time-proven and easy-to-use 960 grid system that arranges data in a formal and organized manner. It has a jQuery-driven scroller and a crafty gallery for displaying your favorite works. In the package, you will find a fully layered PSD file, HTML/CSS files and a small business card designed in the same theme.

MinimalMe – Minimal HTML CV / Resume Template

MinimalMe is aimed to briefly describe you as a specialist as well as reflects your charismatic personality. It is packed with almost 130 various combinations of backgrounds and patterns, giving you an opportunity to make your CV look unique and exceptional. There are two versions of the template. The first one is a classic HTML file and the second one is PHP version with the Ajax-powered contact form.

Clean and Corporate CV / Resume HTML Template

Clean and Corporate CV has a businesslike vibe. With its clean structure filled with extra open space, it lays out the content in a convenient way. It has a working contact form, sliced and organized PSD file, print stylesheet, and extra matching print media items such as business card, envelope, and letterhead template. With this package, you will get all the necessary stuff to express yourself and establish brand identity.

Signature – Resume / CV Portfolio Html Template

Signature is a small yet comprehensive online portfolio that acts as a resume. It has beautiful aesthetics with some decorative touches that charms with artistic appeal. Features list covers:

  • Nivo slider;
  • several gallery styles;
  • Pretty Photo component;
  • contact form energized by Ajax and PHP;
  • social media widget and some others.

WAVE CV * First Impression

Wave CV boasts of a simple setup that is ideal for non-tech-savvy people. It has a minimal structure and fresh and crisp design. Although it does not have a vast functionality, including only FancyBox Lightbox and contact form that is protected from spam with re-captcha. Nevertheless, it is enough to express yourself and make your presence felt.

CleanCV2 – Professional Resume/CV Online

CleanCV2 has a dark skin that utilizes contrast to draw the attention to the content. It offers an elegant gallery for photos with fancy flip effect, eye-catching scroll header effect for displaying key information, dynamic and beautiful tooltips, and of course, vital integration with social media profiles.

Bold – CV / Resume Template – Minimal & Smart

Bold looks as indicated in the title: minimal and smart. This neat, refined and mobile-friendly HTML template has extra nine predefined color schemes for those of you who might find the default coloring boring or typical. There are jQuery-powered gallery and tooltips for showing visuals and extra info, working contact form, and extensive documentation. The CV can be easily customized and printed.

Careera Next – Resume, Portfolio HTML Template

Career Next successfully joins the classic resume theme and modern portfolio, providing users with a powerful instrument to make a clear image of you as a professional. It comes with

  • three template styles;
  • table structure;
  • clean appearance;
  • beautiful black-and-white coloring.

Clean CV / Resume / Portfolio Website

Ships with such crucial features as

  • 8-page templates;
  • three different styles;
  • jQuery-driven components;
  • filterable portfolio;
  • sticky menu;
  • parallax sections;
  • extensive documentation;
  • sound foundation;
  • and some bonus materials including resume, letter, business card, portfolio, newsletter that are available in INDD format.

Clean CV / Resume / Portfolio Website is a responsive retina-ready template with huge potential. It can become a win-win solution in the pursuit of winning over clients.

Paper Resume / CV

Paper resume exudes an image of artistry so that it can come in handy for all the creative people. Getting its unique and gorgeous aesthetics from the textures and decorative elements, it is surprisingly comfortable to explore. As for customization, it has 23 label colors, wood and paper backgrounds that nicely play together. It features a working contact form with validation and is compatible with all the modern browsers.

Clean CV / Resume Html Template

Clean CV charms with its robust structure and crisp design. The list of features comprises

  • two layouts;
  • contact form charged with some features;
  • jQuery-driven Lightbox and tooltips;
  • social media links;
  • portfolio with filters;
  • and extra style sheet for sending resume right to the printer.

What’s more, this flexible and fully adaptive retina-ready template is based on a custom framework and has unique components for showing the best of your professional traits. The package also includes several traditional stationery means that are often used for strengthening brand identities such as business card, envelope or letter.


Some developers offer just one-page resume template with a valid contact form and a section for showcasing the best of works, while others prefer to equip you with all the integral stuff to show off your considerable potential, the sphere of expertise and experience bolstered by the dynamic and a sortable gallery with portfolio pieces. In some cases, you can benefit from the first variant, while in others more sophisticated templates can significantly broaden the chance of finding the desired job. The choice is up to you.

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