35 Vintage and Retro Free Fonts for Your Designs

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One of the most important elements of the web designing is the Typography which can change a normal art into an attractive and an elegant piece of art. The most recent and the popular design trend are the retro styled fonts or elements. The right selection and the proper usage of the fonts or typography play an important role in conveying the appropriate message to the clients. The latest trend and techniques of using the retro and vintage script fonts have become very popular in the recent years almost in majority of the small and large scale corporate designs, blogs, online stores, and portfolios.

Whenever, you try to use the old style of fonts or designs in any work, it gives an appealing and a creative effect and also uniquely stands out from other works. Usually, the retro styles denote the designs that were popular during the years 1910s to 1930s and when such retro free fonts are used in recent designs, it gives old fashioned personalities, trends, or any objects of the past. By using these free fonts, you get a nostalgic effect with awakened memories and feelings of the art. Thus, due to these reasons, most of the web designers use the retro script fonts to make the project stand out differently and uniquely.

These fonts are the best one when you are trying to create the most compelling and innovative designs. Though there are numerous types of typefaces and fonts available online, there is always a demand for the retro script fonts. When you mix up the latest trend with the retro style, the designs get an old timey retro feel. There are many elements of designing that were dropped in due course of time and certain elements like retro script fonts have come back to use by the web designers.

Though the retro designs were very popular in the 1910s, the designs that are used by the designers are from the recent past which is within 20 years old. There have been numerous popular vintage and retro free fonts over the years such as cursive fonts or block lettering fonts, fonts with large bubble letters and many other computerized fonts. When you insert retro script fonts to your project, also make sure the color, texture, layout and the background also matches with the font styles. Every element should be equally balanced to get a good and an elegant retro style art or design.

Vintage and Retro Free Fonts






Stony Island


Hamburger Heaven

Forty Second Street


Minstrel Poster


Tall Deco

East Market

Carnivalee Freakshow

Diner Regular

Circus Ornate

Day Poster Black

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1 Comment
  1. Rachael Jan 16, 1:22 pm

    A nice collection of vintage fonts here, nice to see a mix of styles from art deco to 1960’s american diners!
    I’ll definitely be finding a use for Carnivel and Tall Deco – I like them alot!

    I’ll be keeping this post as a bookmark for future use, hopefully a nice retro style brief will fall into my hands soon!

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