35 Great Examples of Rock Band Website Designs


The team goes much further in comparison to the colleagues. Their official website is international. The ‘welcome’ screen offers users to choose their region in order to sort out all the clutter and find out only relevant news, events, and schedule. As for design, it is quite roomy, eye-pleasing and soft. The name of the band is the only wild thing here.

Foo Fighters

With its website design, the team reminds us all that the great part of the famous rock bands take their first steps in local garages. The background alone creates the general atmosphere. Predictably, the links to inner structure are scattered throughout the whole area to support the concept of a messy storage for vehicle.


The home page is carefully sliced into two parts in order to embrace important events more efficiently. Each section is personified by the corresponding picture that is full of life. The first column is reserved for fans who want to embark on a 360-degree tour of the Brazil concerts, and the second one leads to the main website with the general information.

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The official page exudes an image of authority and brutality. The design is clean, tidy and well-organized. The header image flows nicely into the content and imposes a magnetic personality on the UI. The black and white color scheme plays wonderfully with the band nameplate that has shiny metal surfaces.

Artic Monkeys

The website breaks the molds of rough and wild designs with its decorative typefaces, smooth shapes, and classy coloring. If you take a closer look, you will notice that the page has two different decorative fonts that go perfectly well with each other, creating a symbiosis of symbols. Swashes and elegant finishing strokes reinforce the artistic feeling.


The website bets on textures and patterns to achieve a rich aesthetics. Nevertheless, it still remains functional, handy to navigate and pleasant to use. All the critical features like navigation are based on solid backdrops that set them apart from the composition. Huge photo of the concert performance that occupies the central stage encourages visitors to continue through the project.

The Beatles

The ‘Fab Four’ offers users to indulge in nostalgia. The old-timey feeling is prevailing on the website thanks to numerous factors. However, the website is not devoid of modern features that let the project keep up with the rest of the World. What’s more, the traditional grid structure treats the content quite well, focusing on important things.

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The UI does not have a typical nor friendly design. The band is famous for expressive, ‘savage’ and ‘heavy’ songs; and the website is a reflection of this. The massive, overpowering and oversized logotype bombards the visitors from the first seconds, creating the right feel. Although the content looks less weighty, yet it also grabs the attention.


Although the bad boys who openly and eloquently express their opinions through music adore to break rules, however when it comes to website design, their official pages stick to general principles and guidelines. Thus, each UI has a straightforward and quite handy structure with the navigation that is simple and intuitive. All the vital details are taken into account leading to great user experience. A ton of multimedia has not become a stumbling block, since all the content is broken into digestible portions. The aesthetics is increasingly artistic.

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