Saurians Renaissance (Calendar 2011)

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Just a couple of weeks is left till New Year so it’s high time to think of a calendar for the next 12 months. Obviously, a calendar is an excellent gift which will not only be appreciated by your friends as an absolutely useful thing but which, if carefully chosen, can show your respect to a person’s passions.

Today we would like to show you an exclusive Saurians Renaissanse 2011 Calendar which will be a gorgeous decoration for your interior or an awesome gift for your friends who love discovering fantasy worlds. The calendar is actually an artwork of a Russian designer and illustrator Irina Vinnik. It took almost 4 years to complete this masterpiece. The calendar is a 12 sheets edition with 40×70 pages for every month.

Each page features a fantasy painting, rich in innumerable details, that invites you to plunge into the fascinating world of Saurians. Thus it has a very high artistic value and you’re sure to save the calendar for many years to be able to enjoy the breathtaking paintings over and over again. Below is a showcase to let you see the calendar with your own eyes as seeing as believing.



1 Comment
  1. Graham Dec 16, 8:50 am

    Great looking illustrations! Like the way they are presented too with the girl holding it up.

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