30 Examples of Search Results Page Design


Search is considered to be the primary means to navigate a website. As it is widely used, it is really essential to allocate or give some time to get a user friendly search page. In the internet sites, a search results page is the primary factor to determine the conversion rate.

Therefore, it becomes undoubtedly essential to bridge the gap between the content of the page and the user for the success of any website. Hence the search result pages need to contain certain features that are extremely crucial for the effectiveness of the pages.

Timeliness and relevancy play a crucial role in yielding a result out of the search. When it comes to effective search, it goes without saying that relevancy plays an important role. To get proper search result it is very essential to type the topic correctly and also have a user friendly search design.

Search results designs with examples

Here are some examples of good search results design that allow the user to switch between date and relevancy while searching a particular topic on the site with its latest updates. There are many search results that provide options to the user to choose between timeliness, relevancy and how interesting the topic or the image is. Many other additional options are there in the advanced setting of any search pages.

In certain sites, a lot of information is provided by a simple search to get effective results. Examples of such sites are some social networking or e-commerce sites or other sites offering search results that that are compatible with numerous questions or categories.

Thus a good search design should be such that helps the user to refine search results intelligently rather than keep on spending time unnecessary to get the best findings. In some search, many results crop up and it becomes the responsibility of the user to select the result type that he or she wants to have.

While designing eCommerce site a web designer considers all online selling principles that are really essential for the users to do online shopping or purchasing. Such pages on internet help the users to use the site with minimal effort.

The search results of EBay help the users to look for those items they want to get or purchase in the most user friendly way. The search includes various categories that help in more optimized search that would yield more perfect or accurate results.

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There are many search result designs that provide visual cues to help the users to get the best search results by spending less time and energy. It is not always possible to incorporate such visual cues but if such additional elements are at all incorporated, then the entire thing becomes really mind boggling.

Example of such search page displays visual elements like thumbnails in the left had side of the image and this result in a more effective and time saving search. In all Videos as well as Image searches, thumbnails are generally used. Thus, proper search result designs help the users to get search result with minimum hassle. With visual cues for categories and catchy background the search page increases its user.

Search Results Page Design for Inspiration

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