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With the advent of internet and newer technologies, the concept of shopping has completely changed. Now you don’t need to roam from one shop to another or run from one shopping mall to another to find out your required items or to enjoy the discounts. All of these are now on your computer screen; just few clicks away. Enjoy a completely new and virtual   shopping experience. However, in order to achieve that high tech shopping formula, you must visit the e-commerce websites or online stores of different items. WordPress shopping cart is a kind of plugin application that makes online shopping easier.

In the field of computer technology a plugin is a set of software components that add some specific abilities to a larger software application. These are programs that can be easily installed and used as the part of your web browser. It can launch its own distinct viewer and can be placed within a browser window. WordPress plugins are tools that increase the functionality of WordPress. Several types of WordPress plugins available in the market are used for different purposes.

What is WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin?

The e-commerce shopping cart plugin for WordPress is a stylish, user-friendly and fully featured shopping cart application which is perfect for selling items, and services, through any e-commerce site. WordPress eCommerce is basically an application designed with effectiveness, aesthetics, and presentation in mind. These plugins applications are highly effective in making e-commerce sites based on WordPress. Web designers can create effectual shopping carts for such e-commerce websites with the help of these plugin applications.

Actually, the plug-in is easy to manage and hence website owners as well as the web designers and developers find it useful to install and use the WordPress shopping cart plugins in their online stores. Through this plug-in you can achieve some great features for your site. They are:

  1. Utilizing WordPress pages or posts, and  is well-matched with custom post types in order to create products
  2. Through settable option customers can sign up in your website
  3. Several techniques available for listing your items
  4. Products as well as the services can have numerous options
  5. You can upload products that can be downloaded
  6. It offers some basic statistics of an e-commerce site.
  7. You can download sales data
  8. Multiple shipping options are available, including by weight as well
  9. The admin of the website has full access to an Order-handling section through this plug-in
  10. Emails are automatically sent on successful purchase
  11. There are user configurable email templates on the websites
  12. On the other hand you can set configurable Out of Stock message.
  13. You can have the Basic Stock Control with the help of this plug-in
  14. Google Base Data creation can be done through this plug-in
  15. The chance of uninstalling is available within the plug-in
  16. You can offer several kinds of discount options to your customers through this plugin
  17. WPMU, Multisite compatible.
  18. Several Commercial gateways can be availed through this plug-in, for example, PayPal, Webtopay, iDEAL, Payson, eProcessingNetwork, 2checkout, and Cash/Cheque as well.

So it can be easily seen that WordPress shopping cart plug-in is highly efficient for the business owners who want to sell products, services or offer download options online through their websites.

Free Shopping Cart/eCommerce WordPress Plugins


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WP e-Commerce

WP e-Commerce


Premium Shopping Cart/eCommerce WordPress Plugins

PayPal File Download WordPress Plugin

PayPal Payment Terminal WordPress

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  1. Deemasaurus Aug 20, 12:12 am

    I have been trying to get into ecommerce solutions but have been a little intimidated, what is the best solution for ecommerce? I have heard Magento but also have found out about shopify. Also e commerce tutorials (design and development) would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Brad Dalton Aug 20, 7:20 am

    Yes they did. Woo Commerce is a fork of Jigoshop

  3. Rob Pullen Sep 23, 12:50 am

    I agree with Erwin, what about Shopp? It has a good, active support team and I prefer it to WP E-Commerce personally. I think it’s worth a mention in this article.

  4. Jacob Oct 13, 4:44 pm

    Tried Jigoshop and WOO Commerce, personally I think they are very complex shopping cart plugins not a simple solution for ecommerce. What about WP Bizcart and Cart66? Both the shopping cart plugins are very simple and easy to use.

  5. Affan Ruslan Nov 20, 12:33 am

    You need to update this. Please include Easy Digital Download (EDD)

  6. David Jan 9, 5:34 pm

    While looking for a good WordPress shopping cart, I saw a number of post which compare Woocommerce and Wp. So are they worth considering? it is very hard not to make a mistake at this stage. Because I am going to migrate from Shopp, actually I had found a service which migrate data between two stores -Cart2Cart) as Shopp is not for me. It is not bad, but still…

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