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It’s no longer surprising that we now have the freedom to make our own websites without having any prior knowledge of code, thanks to the various website makers available. But to find a top website maker that renders this process efficient and easy is something else. Fortunately, Simbla is a top website maker that accommodates everyone from laymen to pros alike in the creation of their sites. Some of Simbla’s key features include:

  • Fully responsive
  • Drag and Drop builder
  • Cloud-based interface
  • Website Wizard to assist in making the site
  • Ability to embed your own code
  • SEO features
  • Online database + web applications
  • Both an easy mode and a pro mode suited towards those with coding backgrounds

Let’s explore some of the above features in depth:


If you’ve been struggling with choosing between using a top website maker that will make a website compatible with desktop, vs. a maker for websites compatible with tablets or smartphones, your struggle has just ended. Simbla offers responsive website templates, meaning that the website you make with Simbla will adapt to the size of the screen it’s being viewed on, regardless if it’s a desktop, tablet or smartphone.


While you’re working with whichever responsive website template you picked, you can use Simbla’s preview option to see how the site will be displayed on the device of your choosing.

Theme maker

Although rarely seen in a website maker, Simbla’s theme maker allows you to completely alter the vibe of your site with just a few clicks. Like with the responsive templates, you have the option of choosing ready-made themes. Select one of the many color palettes and pick from the list of themes, all of which are comprised of fonts, backgrounds, colors and more.

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Theme maker

Each theme has variants of A, B, C, and D— isolated content sections that you can edit individually.

Theme maker

Or, you can simply create your own themes, by playing with text and different fonts, backgrounds, colors, icons and more.

With the theme maker, the choice to customize your website down to the letter is completely in your hands.

Website Wizard

Making a website can be an overwhelming process, what with the many design options and flexibility in routes you can take as you navigate your site. That’s why Simbla’s Web Wizard holds your hand throughout the entire journey, in the form of seven easy steps. Instead of starting with a template, you can begin your project by selecting the Website Wizard:

Website Wizard

Choose a name, location and logo, and decide if you want a one page website (with a set header and menu) or a multi-page site.

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Website Wizard

Steps four and five encourage you to decide which pages you want (you can skip this step if you didn’t choose a multi-page site) and select the layout of your homepage. You then choose the theme you like (you can always go back and edit this later):

Website Wizard

And you’re done! From there you can edit or reconfigure things as you wish.


A crucial aspect of website makers is how SEO friendly they are, so you can generate maximal traffic to your website. Luckily, all of Simbla’s websites are HTML5-based, which means that any content you put on your site is read as text, resulting in search engines like Google being able to pick it up. In addition, Simbla provides a number of tools to further enhance your site’s SEO:

  • Site map generated by Simbla (XML)
  • Metadata: Description Title and Keywords
  • 301 references
  • Friendly URL
  • Sync with Google Analytics

Online database

Simbla’s pièce de résistance is its online database, something other top website makers don’t have. The online database is a relatively new feature that, when integrated with Simbla’s UI/UX top website making platform, will allow its users to create a database, insert it with content, and have it sync to their website.

Online database

Users will have the choice to use “database widgets” that correspond to their database, allowing them to do things like create a registration form or have a login page for registered users, and the registered users will consequently be displayed in the database. These app widgets can be combined to become data-driven applications, and more advanced users have the option of using a JavaScript API to conduct custom database requests. If that isn’t enough, Simbla is proceeding to construct built-in web applications for people to use to execute complex processes, like operating an easy-to-use blog system, controlling sale processes, handling leads and clients, and more.

It’s clear that Simbla is a top website maker that will satisfy anyone from programmer to amateur. As intuitive as it is proficient, its many features and customizability options ensure that you’ll make a polished website swiftly and easily.

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