Big Changes in Sketch 52: New UI, Data and Dark Mode

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Refreshing news for designers – Sketch 52 is released and many bugs are fixed! Simultaneously, there over 50 enhancements, while 4 improvements are definitely in the focus of the audience since the app was updated and launched.

Let´s see what to expect from Sketch 52.

Dark Mode and UI overview

We should definitely start from the most obvious point when it comes to improvements – UI redesign. Completely new UI means higher readability and usability throughout the entire app. If we move further, we will notice amazing enhancement like designing with Data in Sketch. A new option is style override which means you can override text styles and layer styles inside Symbols.

Big Changes in Sketch 52: New UI, Data and Dark Mode

Dark Mode is an improvement worth mentioning, as it makes designing more easier. How exactly? Well, it allows you to focus on your work. Dark interface will make your eyes rest after a long day of staring in the monitor and help you survive next working hours. The things only get better as Sketch 52 also supports Mojave’s new Accent and Highlight colors.

However, if you prefer Midnight Mode more, you don´t have to worry as Sketch’s Dark Mode is linked to your System Preferences so it’s only activated when you switch on the system-wide Dark Appearance in Mojave.

Sketch 52

High-quality performance and Unsplash plugin

There is nothing more irritating than a program that is not assisting you. By that we mean – slowing you down, which can lead to long hours of working, more frustration and lack of sleep. However, when you have the app that has your back the work feels a lot less stressful. Therefore, you will be pleased to welcome more responsive Sketch app. Because, rendering is faster, so as editing complex documents, and selecting symbols with many overrides.

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Another great innovation is the Unsplash plugin which lets you add images from the library, without leaving the app. Imagine how awesome would it be if YouTube would follow this example?

Sketch 52 has sent these bugs to history

As we reviewed major improvements, we should mention some of the bugs that will no longer cause you the trouble:

  • Combined layers in transformed shape groups will no longer unexpectedly reverse;
  • There is no longer fear of crashing when importing a certain PDF file;
  • Symbol color previews will respect your selected Color Profile from now on;
  • No crash when importing certain SVG files.


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