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  • Free Static Website Generator
  • Static Website Generator

    Create amazing static websites like this one in minutes and export ready-to-use template. Animated, adaptive pages, that easy to change and quick to build. Watch the videoplay_circle_filled

      • Build Quick

        Get a beautiful site up and running in no time. Just choose the slides you like and start tweaking the design.

      • Ready to Code

        Work efficiently from a clean code base that’s easily understandable and highly customizable.

      • Examples

        Tons of useful examples and integrations to show you built-in modules and external plugins.

      • Templates

        Save time by using one of 16 high-quality static website templates, each designed for a specific purpose.

      • Neat Adjustments

        Control the speed of animations, panel visibility and style, navigation appearance, pre-loading, and more!

      • Styles

        Pick the right fonts for your titles, paragraphs and form elements from the free Google Fonts library.

      • Add Content Later

        Easily copy/paste the code of any slide, component or example to quickly add it to an existing project.

      • Download Template

        Download the ready-to-use webpage (HTML/CSS/jQuery) when finished creating the template.

    • Static Website Generator Preview
  • Thoughtfully Designed
  • plus
    Designed Thoughtfully

    Choose the layout you need from a huge collection of 200+ slides. Combine them to create a static website that meets your needs.

      • subscriptions

        Slide and Scroll

        Choose any of 10 effects between the Slides. Smooth motion or classic scroll. Try herekeyboard_arrow_right

      • slow_motion_video

        Animation Effects

        Each slide and component includes animated effects that bring your site to life.

      • invert_colors

        Black or White

        Your content will look good on the background or on a plain white backdrop.

      • wallpaper

        Flexible Backgrounds

        Add a parallax or smooth motion to the background image or even switch it to the fullscreen video.

      • devices

        Fully Responsive

        Your site will look great and work seamlessly across different devices and platforms.

      • wallpaper

        Retina Ready

        No more blurry images. Vector graphics and icons beautifully rendered on any device.

  • Built-in Modules

    Slides Framework comes with a handful of powerful modules, that are easy to setup and customize.

      • call_to_action


        Top and bottom panels for your logo, menu and buttons.

      • supervisor_account

        Contact Form

        Receive messages from customers right to your email address.

      • chrome_reader_mode


        Add menu items and social links for desktop and mobile.

      • apps

        Grid & Flex

        Building blocks to control the structure of your content.

      • view_carousel


        Multi-purpose gallery box that contains text, images and videos.

      • forum


        Show interactive messages and collect emails.

      • layers


        Add video and other content with a new layer.

      • movie_filter


        Bring content to life and express information the way you want it.

      • text_fields


        Perfect set of the typographic elements for blogs and articles.

      • wb_iridescent

        User Interface

        Pre-built buttons, inputs and dropdowns for form elements.

      • share


        Let users spread the word for you via social networks and email.

      • volume_up


        Enhance the experience with background music.

  • Powerful Modules
  • Thoughtfully Designed
  • arrow
    Developer Friendly

    With Slides, it is easy to develop a project, because you are not doing this from the scratch. We've built all the important stuff for you that is easy to customize for your needs.

      • Clean Code

        Built with HTML, CSS and JS. Slides includes code that’s easy to understand and easy to change. No other frameworks are needed.

      • Well Documented

        Get started immediately with clear setup instructions and a comprehensive help guide with useful examples.

      • Hassle-free

        No need to deal with complicated interfaces with WordPress, databases or Bootstrap. Build and launch faster.

      • Highly Customizable

        Design your website with the latest web elements; sticky navigation, video backgrounds, lightbox, share, animation.

      • SCSS Support

        Manage basic variables and make serious changes in a simple way to achieve perfection in every detail.

      • Material Icons

        Hundreds of amazing icons at your fingertips. Use it for buttons and content.

      • SEO Friendly

        W3C valid and clean layout is transparent for search engines, so it is easier to "google" it for visitors.

      • Multi-page Static Website

        A single landing page or multi-page website - it's up to you, there are no limitations on our side.

      • Minified Scripts and Styles

        Save up to 70 kb on scripts and styles so your content arrives faster to your audience.

      • Fully Responsive

        Your site will look great and work seamlessly across different devices and platforms.

  • Popular Integrations

    Chat, discuss, show, collect emails and polls, provide directions and more. This awesome collection of integrations will expand your selling capabilities.

  • Powerful Components
  • Prototype for free with Sketch or Figma
  • Import our design resources into your favorite prototyping app. Get .Sketch Files

    Prototype the Idea
Prototype the Idea
Premade Styles

Change the style of projects with the new Styles tab. Pick a preset you like or assemble your own font combination. Try herekeyboard_arrow_right

  • Premade Styles
  • Premade Styles
  • Premade Styles
  • Premade Styles
  • Premade Styles
Premade Styles
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    • Worth every penny, if you have basic HTML knowledge. It helped us get an exceptional landing page up and running in no time.

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      JP Holecka
    • Slides is the convenient tool, it has a big library of made-up components. This framework without problems supports third-party js modules and integration with any system of analytics. On the basis of this product, you can realize every idea and quickly test it on real users.

      Andrey Zaitsev
    • Slides Framework is intuitive, easy to work with and very neatly coded. It was no brainer to work with by all of our staff members with no learning curve. Must have for those who want to have a simply beautiful slider website without the hassle.

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