First Steps

Watch the video before you start your new project with Slides.

  • Step 1. Generate your first template, download and unzip the archive with Slides Framework.
  • Step 2. Feel free to change anything you want in the template. It's yours now.
  • Step 3. Done! Upload the finished website to your existing hosting​ service.

What is in the archive I downloaded?

  • «CSS» Folder contains both regular and minified styles of the Slides Framework.
  • «SCSS» Folder contains all the source styles, that you can change dynamically.
  • «JS» Folder contains the main script and plugin library, as well as a minified version of both scripts.
  • «Assets» Folder includes all graphic sources from all Slides. Don't forget to leave only images you need in this location.
  • «Library» Folder contains Slides, Navigation and Panels code snippets for you to copy and paste it right into your project.
  • «Template» Folder. We have prepared a set of templates with a different look and feel. It's a good starting point.
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