Squarespace: Not Just Another Site-Builder Tool

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Squarespace is a well-known brand in the website building ecosystem. Established thirteen years ago, Squarespace was ahead of its time. But, unlike other futuristic projects, Squarespace succeeded in becoming a top-tier Saas-based content management system.


Its success can be traced back to Squarespace’s motto: “Build it Beautiful.” In 2004, the web was radically different from what we see today. Drupal, Mambo and other CMS system were still at the beginnings and only marginally useful. The average user wanting to build an online presence was faced with two options: either to learn to code or to look for someone who already knew how. While learning something new is great, this wasn’t exactly a feasible option for those who were seeking to showcase their portfolios, promote their services or sell their products online. Furthermore, while anyone can learn to code, not everybody has the time and passion to go down what is an endless road.

Today, Squarespace is the preferred all in one platform for thousands of individuals, creatives, entrepreneurs and businesses. Packed in an elegant interface, Squarespace delivers a flexible and powerful tool for building websites.

Squarespace Websites

For those looking to build their online presence, Squarespace is a versatile and elegant solution. It enables anyone to build unique and beautiful websites in just a few hours, without the usual hassle that comes with self-hosted solutions. It provides all the functionality you will need to promote your ideas, showcase your portfolio, sell your latest book or promote your services, packed in an easy to use, secure, and efficient tool. An all-in-one package shaped to meet your needs at a competitive price that’s easy on your budget.

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If you are confident with your coding skills and enjoy the liberty and, at the same time, the responsibilities that come with a self-hosted solution, Squarespace can still be a nice addition to your portfolio. Why waste valuable time installing, configuring and maintaining a portfolio website, when Squarespace will do that for you? In fact, you may want to add Squarespace to your set of tools. Step up from your routine, and test-drive Squarespace with a risk free 14 day trial.  Don’t forget to use coupon code ‘DESIGNMODO’ at checkout for 10% off your first purchase! You won’t regret it.

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