25+ Examples of Subtle Textures and Patterns in Web Design


Amazee Labs

Marie Catribs



Dan Ogborn

Cast Iron Design Company

St Kilda High Hopes


Kreativt Webbureau

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  1. Rachael Feb 14, 11:53 am

    Textures and patterns are usually the last thing I add to a design, it can completely lift a design into another level – and I usually end up using a completely different texture I imagined whilst designing.

    These are some great inspirational designs, there’s so many I love here, Amazee Labs, Gift Labs, Pointless Corp are all great. I think I like Rockable themes most here – I like the mix of patterns and textures which are very modern and sleek matching the subject of the site.

    Thanks for this post Adrian, this will be a great point of inspiration for me in future projects!

  2. Gabriel May 12, 3:54 pm


    Does anybody know how to create planet textures in Photoshop. I read about it in this guy’s submission on creaTTor, that he used Photoshop to create the textures, and then animate the planets. Does anybody have any ideas about the 3D capabilities of Photoshop?

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