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Aspects of SVG Image Format for Web Designing

Colors are important and play a vital role; everyone wants to have colors in one’s life. If you agree, please proceed to read further as I am going to discuss aspects of images that bring your websites alive.

Have you ever thought of a website without any image? Well, you might not have… because whenever we imagine something, first of all we put color in them. Many of you might try imagining something without colors and pictures after reading this; believe me it will be as boring as your history classes when you were in school. Jokes apart, I feel image formats are as much important for a website as water and air for us to stay alive.

As we all know that the internet is connecting the entire world with the help of different websites. These websites may be a social networking one or some other type. Now for a person who wants to start his personal firm, then website development will be the best option. Now the biggest challenge that stands in this path is how you manage to get the attention of the maximum number of net surfers.

You can gain the popularity by advertising your firm. But, for any website to become famous, just advertisements alone are not going to work. You need to have a pleasant looking website and great content to retain your visitors. A website looks very good when you add photos related to the contents you are posting on the site. Web designers always need to put new images on the webpages. Now the most asked question is – how does a designer decide the format of an image file? Actually, selection of the type of image also has its own importance. There are mainly four types of image formats that are often used in website designing.

  • SVG image format
  • Jpeg image format
  • PNG image format
  • GIF image format

I am just giving you a small introduction about these image formats used in web designing. And we will be discussing and focusing more on the most widely used format – THE SVG.

Introduction to SVG image format


SVG image format is very popular and interesting. Today, in almost every section, this image format is used. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. SVG has an XML mark-up language for vector graphics. In vector graphics, polygon, points, lines, curves, etc. are used for denoting any image in computer graphics. Instead of providing all the information for each pixel in an image (like other image formats do), SVG defines itself things in these geometrical primitives.

The benefit of this image format is that when you increase the size of the image, it’ll always stay sharp, and will never get pixilated. This kind of image format can be used in developing logos, and other graphics. It allows you to use the same image in different sizes without losing quality of the image. SVG images are also very small in size.

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For giving the reality look to the images, you may have to generate different programs. As much we are concern with web designing, SVG files are the first choice for getting the best quality images. But it has been found that some of the browsers need some extra plugin to display the images. But still SVG images can be used; you can download the archived version of images and after downloading, you can easily convert it to JPED or PNG format.

Conversion of Different image format to SVG in three simple steps

You can also convert the different image format to SVG. For this, you have to take the help of java script.

  1. First of all, clean up the image with the help of software like Adobe Photoshop. You can also cut the portion which you want to convert in SVG format.
  2. The second step in the process of conversion is the formation of vector format. For the working of this step, it is needed that in the first step, file must be saved in the Adobe Illustration format, because it can further be converted into SVG format.
  3. The third step is to open the file and make the necessary changes which you want in the image and save it in the .Al file again. Once you find that the image is ready, you can save it as SVG format. Once all the process gets done, your image is ready to be used as an SVG image on your website.

Usually some of the old Adobe software is the only support for the SVG format. If you are using the SVG format, then you can easily see that Bitmap images will work better in the SVG format. In SVG format all the icons, logos and text look good and clear, even if they are scaled to different sizes. For converting the different image formats to the SVG with the help of Adobe, you have to download a plugin named SVG kit for Adobe. You can also download this software from the internet. On internet you will find lots of sites that provide this plugin free of cost. From now you can use all the vector graphics according to your needs and can discover the secrets of SVG format not only in publishing, but also on your laptop and desktops. As we all know, world has changed very rapidly in the last ten to twenty years. Things which couldn’t be imagined twenty to thirty years back are part of our life today.

Now those who are connected with the web designing technologies must have the knowledge about the advantages of vector graphics. Rather we can say, they must have a deep knowledge about the SVG image format. If someone doesn’t know how to use the Adobe Photoshop for the conversion of SVG image, then by searching on net you will get the lessons and tutorials. These lessons and tutorials will fully explain you how to create different effect available in Adobe only for SVG conversion. You can create good and nice looking images with the help of SVG rather than with the image editor.

Brief Intro to other Image formats that are used and well known to every surfer

Jpeg image format

Full form of Jpeg is joint photographic experts group; it is the name of the organization which founded the jpeg format. When lots of different colors are used, jpeg image format is preferred. It is a basic format for any kind of photograph. However, it has some limitations too. You are advised not to use this format if you want to make a picture that contains any kind of words.

PNG image format

It is a bitmap image format, and uses .png as a file extension. It is mainly made to replace the GIF image format. You can also find advanced slide option in PNG format as compared to the GIF format. This format of image is also not supported by some of the browsers. In web designing PNG format is used to give transparency to the image.

GIF image format

The graphical interchange or GIF format was first used by CompuServe in the year 1987. It can be recognized by .gif file extension.

Hope you got some idea about the different image formats and will be able to work with these, especially with SVG format. Some of the other formats used are highlighted in the image below:

For any business to get success, the businessman must have to gather all necessary information. If you have the knowledge about your business then you can make your business successful and can take it to the new height. From the above provided information you will be able to work with the SVG image format for web designing. Though SVG image format is versatile and user friendly, we must not forget that there is always a room for improvement; so, keep exploring your dream websites with these image formats.

Jay Yadav

This is a guest post by Jay, a local search marketing expert. Being a part-time blogger, he loves writing informative articles, especially on web designing and search engine optimization. He also offers link building and organic SEO services.

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