The Bricks – Bundle Pack Addons

The Bricks - Bundle Pack Addons

The Bricks is a set of user interface components and elements (PSD) united by four add-ons Forms, Elements, E-commerce and Words. Beautiful and clear elements can be easily combined using groupings of similar style elements. The pack contains hundreds of web elements which can be used in a variety of projects.

How does it work? Start with the desired component and use The Bricks to change its appearance, color and text. Use the resulting component in your design. Based on a 12-grid system, the components fit together like puzzle pieces.

The pack also includes 150 of vector icons; all of which are based on a 16-pixel grid. The Bricks – Take a break from the routine and work on new ideas. Fonts used in this pack: Helvetica Rounded, Proxima Nova, Gotham, Open Sans, and Myriad Pro.

The Bricks - Bundle Pack Addons 1 The Bricks - Bundle Pack Addons 2 The Bricks - Bundle Pack Addons 3 The Bricks - Bundle Pack Addons 4 The Bricks - Bundle Pack Addons 5 The Bricks - Bundle Pack Addons 6

The Bricks Presentation on Behance.

Also you can buy add-ons separately

1. Forms UI Add-on

Forms UI Add-on

2. Elements UI Add-on

Elements UI Add-on

3. E-commerce UI Add-on

E-commerce UI Add-on

4. Words UI Add-on

Words UI
139 Responses
  1. Ahmad Awais Nov 5, 1:55 pm

    Amazing UI kit Just loving it, going to buy.

  2. dafunkystory Nov 5, 5:05 pm

    Very nice job!
    How to win days with a professional graphic bundle…..i love this.

  3. Joao Nov 5, 8:06 pm

    An error appears when the Forms UI and Elements UI are being unzipped, resulting in empty folders.

    Waiting for a feedback.

    • Adrian Nov 5, 8:34 pm

      Please check your email for my response to you.

      • Joao Nov 6, 2:06 pm

        Hi Adrian,

        It worked now with the new file you sent by email. Thanks for your patience and attitude!

  4. Jon Nov 5, 8:53 pm

    Can I use your package to create themes for theme-forest and sell them? Part of the theme – a psd file that will have elements of your package. If answer is yes – What license should I buy?

    • Adrian Nov 5, 9:45 pm

      You should buy developers license. Don’t include the bricks PSD elements in your theme.

      • Jon Nov 5, 10:16 pm

        Hm… I think I don’t understand it. The reason to by bricks is to use some of its elements in the psd template. If I won’t be able to use them, it doesn’t really make any sense to buy bricks. Ami I missing somethings?

        • Adrian Nov 5, 10:52 pm

          You can use them to create new designs and themes (for example WordPress), save elements in png or jpeg formats for example and put in your designs. But you can’t share original PSD files with your customers.

          But, if you make new design, change the elements and try to sell psd templates, please include in your documentation or readme file one link to our website.

          i hope now is clear.

  5. Jon Nov 5, 11:01 pm

    Yes. I understand now. Thanks!

  6. Chad Mueller Nov 9, 11:58 pm

    What’s the difference between the single and developer license?

  7. Roberto Nov 12, 3:07 pm

    Hi, there! I tried to work with The Bricks ( No Addons ) on a 3ghz Core 2 Duo PC and Photoshop just crashes. Later i tried on a Dual Core Sandy Bridge i3 PC and preformance was way low… Then I tried a Quad Core Sandy Bridge i5 and could get somewhere, but with suffering performace. All PCs had 4gb RAM. Could you give me some advice on this subject? I really want to buy the kit, but I couldn’t work even with a small subset… I live in Brazil and Macs cost 300% of the original value here, so I can’t afford one. Thank you in advance.

    • Roberto Nov 12, 8:05 pm

      It seems that I’m facing a commom problem with PS CS6. There are many users complainig in Adobe forums… I’ll test it in a 2008’s Core2Duo Macbook, who knows… Many thanks.

  8. ahmed Nov 13, 10:22 am

    Great work , sure i will buy it
    but i have question regarding converting this element to html5 & css
    i understand how to use it but i ask you for converting the form element and ecommerce element to vaild html5 and css3 this will improve sales for you. thanks

    • Adrian Nov 13, 12:07 pm


      we will launch official framework in a few months, but you can convert for your personal needs.

      • ahmed Nov 14, 8:35 am

        i am very interested so send me full details regarding converting for me personally
        thanks for fast response and great work

      • Hwang Nov 15, 5:02 am

        Send me too please :)

  9. Monolo100 Nov 19, 6:44 pm

    Nice UI kit, good job!

  10. spartantek Nov 20, 4:49 am

    Greatest UI EVER*****

  11. Fabian Gabor Nov 20, 10:12 am

    I love how it covers every possible usage from mobile to desktop, from blog to web shop! I agree, probably the best UI ever made!

  12. John Burlinson Nov 20, 1:38 pm

    I love the look of The Bricks UI! it makes my life easier

  13. Alan Nov 21, 10:43 pm

    If I just want to build my own website(s) using Bricks, can I do that with the personal license? (ie, I am not building web sites for others to make money.)…..Alan

    • Adrian Nov 21, 11:26 pm

      if you make one website is ok, if make many websites you need developers license.

  14. Per Nov 22, 5:13 pm

    Are there any special considerations when using the products (iex. Bricks) with Rapidweaver?


  15. murat Nov 23, 12:28 am

    is there any completed psd to html and jquery version

  16. Bart Nov 23, 1:08 am

    This is the bricks with all the addons included, right?

  17. Fab Nov 23, 12:47 pm

    bought this beautiful UI Kit…isn’t the used font included?
    Greetz from Berlin

    • Adrian Nov 23, 1:03 pm

      Helvetica Rounded and Proxima Nova fonts are used in Forms UI. They aren’t included in the pack and must be purchased or downloaded separately from creators, search in google.

      • Fab Nov 23, 2:16 pm

        Thax Adrian for the quick reply.
        My Photoshop tells me something about GOTHAM?

      • paul Nov 26, 8:52 pm

        Actually, it’s NOT just the Forms UI – it’s all of the kits. They use Helvetica Rounded, Proxima Nova, Gotham, Open Sans, and Myriad Pro. I think it was an extremely poor choice to use these fonts. For one, 4 out of 5 of these fonts do NOT come with Photoshop and 3 of them must be purchased for hundreds of dollars. And two, these are not standard web fonts – which seems like a bad choice for selling web UI kits.

        I wish I had known this before buying the bundle. I don’t have (or plan to buy) these extra fonts. And, even if I did have them they can’t be used in the final page, so these kits are almost useless.

        • Adrian Nov 26, 9:56 pm

          You can easily change fonts with free fonts, no problem. You will not lose from quality of elements.

          • paul Nov 26, 10:07 pm

            Thanks for the reply, Adrian. But, if you’re going to sell web UI kits you may want to consider using web fonts. Or, at very least use fonts that actually come with Photoshop. We shouldn’t have to spend an additional several hundred dollars to use them as is.

            There’s literally hundreds of text layers in the full bundle. The burden to fix them all should not be placed on the customer.

            • Adrian Nov 26, 10:12 pm

              I understand you, but our opinion is:
              1. clients can change fonts very easily.
              2. we can’t share any fonts (and if we will use free fonts in our packs, we will not share (sell) they too, because they are not our fonts).

              So we use any fonts, but can’t share (resell) fonts.

              • James Jan 17, 4:01 pm

                Are these fonts available using google fonts? If not, is there a reason you don’t use those fonts instead since they’re free and available to any web developer to use without royalty?

                • Adrian Jan 17, 7:57 pm

                  You can use @font-face to insert these fonts on your website, for sure if you have license of used fonts.

              • USEYOURHEAD Jun 7, 11:49 pm

                OK, I like your designs a lot. I was really excited but …..

                IT IS NOT EASY TO REPLACE FONTS! Fonts are critical to the look-n-feel of design. It’s like you sold us a car with no steering wheel.

                You should DISCLAIM that fonts are not included UP FRONT in your video and description. I should not have to HUNT for it.

                ### How about a LIST OF FREE FONTS similar to the expensive ones? ###

                You sell “time-saving” and “convenience” but now I have to search for fonts, install and redesign everything.

                I definitely thought I’d get what was featured in your video including the FONTS and the IMPRESSIONIST UI.

                Where is this description you keep mentioning? By the time I scroll through the huge image on this page, I can’t even find the description. I went to the More Info pages and I still haven’t found a FONT disclaimer. ## It certainly isn’t easy to find. ##

                ## If I’m incorrect — you can delete this post. ##

  18. Ntan Nov 23, 12:57 pm

    This is a great UI, but i have a simple question about developer license.

    I want to create a CMS and sell it as commercial product.Does developer license cover my needs?


  19. Todd Nov 23, 8:15 pm

    What is the minimum version Photoshop needed to utilize these files? Thanks.

    • Adrian Nov 24, 1:51 am

      Minimum version is from CS 5.5

      • Todd Nov 24, 2:05 am

        Do you know what would not work on the files if we only have CS3 Extended? Would the files not work at all? Thanks.

        • Adrian Nov 24, 2:30 am

          We recommend you to update your software, our PSD’s run great from CS 5.5 version.

  20. Jaime Nov 24, 3:44 am

    Can you edit the text in other languages, namely spanish?
    even in the buttons?
    even everywhere?

    • Adrian Nov 24, 12:18 pm

      We can’t, we don’t know Spanish, but you can, all elements are editable.

  21. Kim Nov 24, 7:22 pm

    Are there any limitations/problems using bricks and addons in Adobe fireworks ?

    • Adrian Nov 24, 8:04 pm

      We haven’t tested for Fireworks, our packs go good from Photoshop CS 5.5.

  22. Croata Nov 24, 7:58 pm

    sorry for the dumb question ! but sometime I want to know, the video that shows the product! he’s done with that program ?
    what program can I use to make a presentation this way !

  23. Tim Gummer Nov 30, 3:35 pm

    It’s not clear if these are coded elements – ie css3 or just for photoshop comping. So which is it?

    • Adrian Nov 30, 7:52 pm

      Read one more time description, is clear inadequate that is PSD files.

      Coded version maybe will coming i few months.

  24. Matt Dec 4, 7:09 pm

    Visual explosion of UI for ME! <3 it!

  25. Jeff Milton Dec 4, 11:43 pm

    This would be such a time saver and an inspirational source to extend out for more specific design challenges!

  26. Robinrishi Dec 7, 10:28 am

    Amazing UI and too useful for making mock-ups !
    I just bought one. :)
    Looking forward to buy HTML of the designed UI.

  27. Audrey Romano Dec 7, 5:15 pm

    Thank you for the Bricks Bundle Pack. I look forward to making my site more comprehensive as I grow my new business.

  28. Arthur Dec 8, 12:40 am

    I don’t understand how “The Bricks” works. The video makes it look so easy. I have downloaded the trial, and all I get is a PSD file. I can’t even drag and drop, and create pages. Am I missing something? Does it come with software that makes this all possible like the video shows? Or is the video just false advertising?

    • Adrian Dec 8, 1:27 am

      Video is a presentation of our product, with interesting effects and attractive elements. Yes, you downloaded PSD files (for this we make free version, to understand what you will purchase) and now you can drag and drop files into the Photoshop. Here are a few quick tips –

  29. Joseph Wachira Dec 9, 10:58 am

    Got myself the developer licence. Freaking awesome UI kit. Totally in love with it.

  30. Allan Dec 12, 11:40 am

    Have purchased and enjoying the excellent work.

    Just a tip for anyone else working with this file. It is a huge file with loads of groups and layers, not the most comfortable for dragging and dropping into a new file.

    I’ve found this great script that exports each of the groups into a new file that includes only that group and is trimmed down to its size. It’s free and has saved me many work hours.

  31. John Doe Dec 17, 12:55 pm

    Hi Adrian,

    I am pretty much interested in this Photoshop kit. I have a doubt, before I purchase this.

    The fonts that you have used in these designs. Are they supported on web?


  32. Deveaux Dec 18, 3:56 pm

    i was boutht all ot ’em separately later. How can i download updates of this pack?

    • Adrian Dec 18, 9:01 pm

      All our clients received link for download yesterday.

      Please check your payer email.

  33. Desiree Dec 19, 8:19 am

    Hello, I received the ‘update email’ on Dec 17, but the link brings me to this page. I still do not see a button for my ‘free update’. Can you please let me know the next step?
    Thanks for your help, as always.

    • Adrian Dec 19, 11:30 am

      All our clients received link for download, two days ago.

      Please check your payer email.

  34. Alexander Dec 19, 1:59 pm

    Just can’t wait for a converted to html5 and css3 version of this kit! If it will ever exist i’ll definitely buy this UI kit!
    Really awesome work.

  35. Mike Carruth Dec 30, 4:45 am

    Love the UI pack (purchased the $89 kit), but really bummed about the fonts not being included, or at the very least a notice in the promo, and blurb in the readme saying “here is where to get a bundle of the exact fonts we used –it will cost you an extra $xx.00 (link).”

    I did see your link to Simonson’s page. But with all the work you guys put in to making this so amazing, a tad more effort to five-star it, so the elements can be used immediately would be great. Best of all, of course, would be fonts that are freely downloadable.

    I’d prefer to use the exact fonts you used, so I do not have to waste extra time with alert dialogs and resolving conflicts. Photoshop’s global replace capability is pretty-much non-existant, so it is VERY time consuming to remedy.

    The superior quality of your product is being degraded because your customers are disappointed when they find out they can’t use the elements immediately as a ready-made tool, as expected. That is a simple fix, which I hope you guys add in to your process.

    Also, it would be great to have each pack broken into a couple photoshop documents, versus one massively long one (though I did note the script posted here, so I am going to try that).

    I have a brand new MacBook with 8GB of RAM, and it is still choking my machine big time, opening and keeping the document open while in use. It adds a great deal of time to the work (though not as long as creating the elements from scratch, so… a net gain…but, here again, is something easy to implement to make your customers all-the-happier).

    Keep up the great work on the design products!


    • Adrian Dec 30, 11:30 pm

      Hi Mike, thank you for your opinion and your suggestions. How i said, we can’t include in the packs used fonts, because are not ours.

      About MacBook, i recommend you to do a revision in your installed fonts and remove unused.

      • Ady Feb 2, 5:55 am

        First off kudos on the great and extensive work you have put together, this is plain awesome.
        As a developer though and not a designer I have to second the thoughts of @Mike Carruth when it comes to the web fonts. I have to tell you that if I’m still hesitating to buy the developer pack it’s after readin the comments I found out that they were not freely available even though Smashing Magazine, Google and Adobe have thousands of free fonts.

        I think that was a really poor choice here since I would assume the majority of your audience would be developers like me who are not design geniuses and who are looking for a too to speed up their workflow. And believe me having to pick the right font does not come easy for us, it’s like things like white space alignments, I know them but I can’t design those right. I’m good at developing a site making it super fast and making the user experience great on all browsers and devices.

        So what you consider as a simple task of just going and picking a different font is a huge undertaking on a developer time which I think defeat the initial purpose of focusing on building sites and apps rather than designing for it. Fonts are an important part of any design if not the most important part and I really think your package will hold an undeniable value if you did not let us poor developers make that choice.

        Positively a fan of great design.

      • grassabber Mar 29, 1:43 am


        I bought the bundle pack thinking that it would save me time on my next project. BUT …

        1) you are correct … it is easy to update the font for one piece of text. But to change it for ALL the text layers you use in your UI pack is a tremendous undertaking. I for one do not have the free time to do that.

        2) I agree that you cannot include the fonts, since they are not yours to give. But, since we have to go get the font for ourselves anyways, why not make it easy for us and pick a free font instead… like one from google.

        So, after buying your UI bundle, I have two choices: 1) waste my time changing all the text layers over or 2) go spend $XXX more to save me this headache.

        From the sheer number of complaints you have about this font issue, I would hope that would be a hint for you to try a different approach on your next UI project.

        • Adrian Mar 29, 10:46 am

          Hi, thank you for suggestion. All our new UI kits has free fonts, for examples Square UI and Flat UI. So, we fixed this issue.

          About texts, however, will change all texts, or you leave the same text as in the psd files?

          We understand this issue, and we fixed it for new packs.

  36. Mike Jan 15, 2:08 am

    Is there quiz functionality for the forms pack? Or one in the works? been looking for good looking add-on that will allow me to give a multiple choice quiz and let the student see their answers afterward. If not, any suggestions?

  37. jacky Jan 15, 7:31 pm

    hi, is there any way to get illustrator files? Or are the items able to be edited back in illustrator if they were all pasted as Smart Objects?

  38. Eric Feb 5, 9:50 pm

    Can I buy personal license now and later upgrade to developer license?

  39. gangsar Feb 19, 4:23 am

    perfect !
    it’s almost all everybody needs …

  40. Mario Feb 19, 11:56 pm

    great stuff. I need this bundle.

  41. gangsar Feb 20, 11:24 pm

    is social icons available in the bundle there ?

  42. Daniel James Lee Feb 27, 2:44 pm

    Have you ever thought of making a full OS or even just a skin for linux/ubuntu, these flat colours would look fantastic ! I would love it if there was a skin for windows 7 too but i know that is a lot harder.

  43. gurkuda Mar 5, 1:58 am


    Any ETA on the HTML version? Great work by the way. Please keep it coming:)


  44. Lance Fisher Mar 8, 10:41 pm

    I’d love to see an HTML/CSS version of this. Is it possible to get an email notification when it’s out?


    • Adrian Mar 8, 10:47 pm

      Yes, just make an subscription to our newsletter or social media accounts.

  45. Adrian Mar 13, 2:18 am

    Hi Brian, yes this image was created only for presentation. We not have something like this to share.

  46. Morten Hjort Mar 25, 1:23 pm

    Any plan to create such beautiful UI packs as CSS(3) only? Using images in UI are getting “old skool” ;)

  47. Paritosh Mar 31, 3:08 pm

    can i use the kit on Keynote application on Mac? Photoshop seems too scary sometimes!

  48. Hans Apr 5, 9:03 pm

    Hi there, which grid system do you have used for your framework? I want to use it with skeleton framework which is a variation of 960 grid system.

  49. Norman Apr 6, 11:44 am


    Can you please give me an indication of how much longer it will be before you release the HTML version with CSS3?

    I am looking forward to your response.

    • Adrian Apr 6, 11:46 am

      We not working now on HTML version of the Bricks, we now working on Flat UI HTML and Square UI. So, i don’t know how much it will be before this release.

      • Mondo Apr 11, 8:28 pm

        Thats pretty disappointing since previously (November) you said a few months till framework release, but now it looks as though its not being worked on at all. I’m betting this is a major hold-back point for a lot of people purchasing (myself included)

  50. mzalewski Apr 12, 7:18 am

    We’re trying to purchase this, as well as a few other kits for a website we’re planning – but I just can’t seem to pay for it :(
    I’ve been trying all day, and have tried both Paypal and 2Checkout – Paypal gives me some generic error message, and 2Checkout says my CC failed (Do not honor message).

    I know the CC is fine, I’ve tested it at another site – My question is there another way to pay? (Maybe a direct Paypal transfer?)

  51. Nate Apr 13, 11:21 pm

    Regarding the use of free fonts, is it safe to say that these font issues have been resolved and that it will not cost anything additional?

    • Adrian Apr 13, 11:37 pm

      You can use free fonts (changing fonts from pack with free).

      • Nate Apr 14, 12:03 am

        Is it correct that I will have to change it for every single layer? Or, I’ll have to purchase the fonts that your bundle uses?

        • Adrian Apr 14, 9:45 am

          The same fonts remained in the pack, any changes. In any case you will edit each layer to move and change text of element. So in this case you will change text from element when you will made personalization.

          If you love these fonts from pack, you need to purchase fonts, or redownload if you bought.

  52. Sue Apr 15, 12:29 pm

    I currently own Adobe CS5, so I’ve done a bit of sleuthing to see if I really needed CS5.5 to use The Bricks.

    According to Wikipedia Photoshop was not updated for CS5.5, ie it’s still the same as CS5. You may be losing potential customers ….unless there’s something I don’t know?

    In any case I’m considering moving up to Adobe Creative Cloud at the moment. Does The Bricks work on the Cloud OK?

  53. neil Apr 23, 7:18 am

    The Bricks seems like everything I need to streamline my workflow. I too only have CS5 …am I OK with just that Adobe version?

    Thanks in advance.

  54. Almas Apr 30, 5:52 pm

    Does this bundle come with Bootstrap CSS (like Square UI), so i can start implementing it in HTML right away? Or i should do CSS for this independently on my own?

    • Adrian Apr 30, 5:56 pm

      No, is available is PSD format.

      • Almas Apr 30, 5:58 pm

        OK, got it.
        But do you plan on doing so, like in Square UI?

        Btw, it is awesome to see instant reply! Thank you.

        • Adrian Apr 30, 6:37 pm

          I’m not sure, not we working on Flat UI and Square UI HTML versions.

  55. Simon May 13, 12:59 pm

    on what grid is the UI set made? 960 or 978?

    Thanks for reply.

  56. John Jun 3, 2:28 am


    I asked a question yesterday about where you get the graphics you use in yor design templates. Surprisingly today my comment is gone.

    Do you care to answer my question?
    Or will this comment get deleted also?


    • Adrian Jun 3, 10:15 am

      Strange, but spam plugin marked your comment to be spam.

      Ok, about answer, I’m not sure what do you mean, but pictures from the pack are collected from designers portfolios (behance, dribbble…)

      • John Jun 3, 6:07 pm


        Sorry about the angered response, I should have thought about spam filters (;


  57. April Lougheed Jun 10, 8:16 pm

    Sorry if I’m a newbie, but how can I print these long pictures. I’d like to study the elements in print closeup … instead of scrolling and scrolling. If I see something I like, and do not use it immediately – I’m back to scrolling again.

    What do you guys do? Do I have to open a jpg or png and MANUALLY cut it up into printable pages.

    (Disclosure — I have not watched all the tutorial videos yet.)

    Thanks for the help.

    • Adrian Jun 10, 11:46 pm

      We not have ready-made images for print, because is not necessary for this type of product. I don’t know how i can to help you.

  58. USEYOURHEAD Jun 10, 11:49 pm

    OK. I understand. Thanks for answering. I will use slices and print out sections. Thanks!

  59. Mirko Jul 6, 3:52 am


    Could you please tell me do you have any plans for translating this into HTML/CSS version(design framework), like you did with Flat UI?

    Or do you maybe have more design frameworks in mind? Much easier than going through the hassle of converting every element to HTML/CSS one :))


    • Adrian Jul 6, 11:16 am

      We have these plans, but we not working now for this, maybe in future.

  60. imdcb Aug 27, 1:30 am

    I bought the e-commerce developer pack. I get an error every time I open the zip file. Any idea what to do?


  61. Rupesh Oct 10, 8:54 pm


    Sorry about this noob question. Can you point me to a tutorial on how to convert the designed PSD to html/css ?


  62. tom Nov 29, 1:02 pm

    I like the hard work that goes into these but am confused how a lot of these elements will actually be coded. Cross browser coding of most of these elements would be almost impossible for example the on off switches and select drop downs.

    Can anyone shed some light on to how risky or valid it is to use these elements in hope that your developer will be able to code these cross browser/platform and keep them looking nice ?


  63. Yuriy Dec 13, 6:26 pm

    Excelent realized in Flat Pro with HTML. I need Bricks with HTML.

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