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Never before could one decide that they desired a website, then create one with all the bells and whistles in the same afternoon. Well, the Ultra Theme by Themify is here to change all of that.

In a matter of minutes, you can setup a fully loaded website, tailor made for your specific needs. Whether you’re creating an online space for your small business, restaurant, eCommerce shop, or even a wedding site – the Ultra Theme comes equipped with these various design skins to get you started and on your way. If it sounds like you get multiple websites for the price of one, you’re exactly right!

Themify Ultra Theme

We’ll go into detail about what skins and nice demo sites the Ultra Theme offers us, but first – why purchase a WordPress site when there are so many free ones? Well, what we’ve noticed that sets the Ultra theme by Themify apart from the competition is that you can take full control of the design from header to footer. The Ultra has a reputation for being a “must-have” theme for designers and developers as sites are made with incredible speed compared to other WordPress themes. With the bonus add-ons included in the theme, free portfolio and WooCommerce plugin, you can pretty much set up any kind of niche site in minutes. Read on for our full review!

The Ultra Theme by Themify comes with a bonus theme and one year of support and updates. You can use the Ultra Theme on an unlimited number of sites. 30-Day money back guarantee.

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Key Ultra Theme Features:

Several highlights of the Ultra include the popular drag & drop Themify Builder, the abundance of Ultra ‘Skins, as well as the Ultra Theme Customizer. But what does this all mean, you ask? Read ahead our breakdown on the major features.

Themify Builder

The Themify Builder basically allows a user to have a very-hands on and no-coding approach to creating their perfect website. Like the name suggests, you build upon your site by dragging-and-dropping various elements on your page, including the header, footer, gallery and anything else you can think of to put on a website!

Themify Builder

Ultra Skins & Demos

Ultra Skins are also exactly as they sound. At the push of a button, your website will have the exact look and feel of any one of our ready-to-go sites. Ultra Skins include the Ultra eCommerce (for anyone looking to set up shop, especially online), Ultra Accountant & Ultra Lawyer (for any independent professional firm), Ultra Spa (for beauty and wellness boutiques), and Ultra Wedding (your very own website for your special day) amoung others.

After choosing a skin for yourself, you just need to edit the text and content of your site! If you run a studio or do a lot of freelance WordPress sites, this feature is a huge time saver. Since each skin has a different look & feel, as a designer, you can give every single client a unique look for each new project.

Ultra Skins & Demos

Bonus Addons

Normally a Themify add-on is $10. When you buy the Ultra theme, you get 11 BONUS add-ons for free. Add-ons include all the additional modules that can be added to the Themify Builder including WooCommerce, Countdown, and Maps Pro.

Bonus Addons

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Pre-designed Layouts

Themify has a bunch of pre-designed layouts. These are basically individual page layouts that can be imported to any page or post of your website. It can basically help speed up the designing process of your site. For example: When creating an ‘About’ page, find a related ‘About’ layout of your liking, then import and done!

Pre-designed Layouts

Final Thoughts on Ultra Theme

For commercial purposes, the Ultra is rated as highly recommended. This includes business startups, online commerce shops, and website design freelancers alike. With the bonus add-ons included in the theme, free portfolio and WooCommerce plugins, you can pretty much create any kind of site within minutes. The skins and instant demo import saves you massive amounts of time. Changing the background image and font can change and personalize any Ultra Skin into your actual website! From the self-made efforts of an entrepreneur, to designers creating client sites, anyone can use Themify’s Ultra for the most powerful and efficient site building.

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