The Art of Tiago Hoisel

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Any artistic expression can leave an indelible impact on your mind when created with dedication, technique, intellect and wit. Wit and intellect are the two essential assets without which you cannot afford to play around with humor through your art. If you have these in you, you can always work on your technical skills to give your art that complete and desired look. The art of Tiago Hoisel is probably one of the finest examples of this genre.

Tiago Hoisel is a Brazil based caricature illustrator who uses digital technology to show a combination of fun and realistic images through his work. To give his art an impressive turn, he also applies his 3D skills in them. His collection of art work is so vast that you can spend your entire day and night simply browsing through it. If one image gives you a glimpse of an unsophisticated tourist, the other takes you to the imaginative world of aliens through excellent caricature illustrations.

Jumping from one creative piece of his work to another, you will also come across the caricature of some of the popular Hollywood characters portrayed in 3D style. His genre will introduce you to the caricatures of Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Hugh Jackman, and Stallone – Rambo. These are counted among the most sought-after illustrations by Tiago Hoisel.

In his celebrated range of illustrations, you will also get to see animals in human-like forms. The way he has given human touch to Chimpanzees and gorillas is simply amazing. When you look at this collection of caricature, you not only feel surprised but bemused too.

Going a bit deeper into Tiago Hoisel’s art, you will chance upon the comic style human characters. From naughty boy images to sweet siren illustrations supported with a theme are all there in the collection to enthral you and your eyes.

Whether you like comic characters, caricatures of Hollywood stars or illustrations of animals and aliens, you can look through the art gallery of Tiago Hoisel. You can explore his creative art to develop your artistic skills or download his masterpieces to use on your wallpaper. You can get the print of his images on your T-shirt or simply make a poster out of them for your wall. Try any of these to widen your choices!

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Art of Tiago Hoisel

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