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10 Tips For Calling Visitors To Action

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A call to action is anything that encourages visitors to act. Calling visitors to action is a key to your website success.  So, let’s talk about the most useful tips and let’s get your way to success started.

1. Give a reason to a visitor to use your website.
You cannot provide all visitors with everything they want, but you should set up your goals and make a decision about business goal you want to achieve and your site to support.  It might be anything you can deal with, but it is supposed to be useful for most of visitors of your site.

2. Design tactics.
Your site should be interesting and attractive. Using the design tactics utilize negative white space, use contrasting but thematic colors and utilize size as larger elements attract the eye first. Place the most important calls to action high on the page and in the central column.

3. Use active phrases.
Don’t be too annoying offering your product or service. A call to action should clearly tell users what you want them to do. Use active words such as: Call, Buy, Find out now, Register, Subscribe etc.

4. Keep it simple.
The main priority of site owners is to convert as many visitors into registering and using their site as possible. So, here is the next tip for calling visitors to action: keep it simple and don’t make your visitor think too much.  Make the process of acting on your site as simplest as possible. Do not involve your visitor into new problems with hunting a thing he needs.

9 Tips For Calling Visitors To Action

5.  Small number of calls to action.
Don’t place too much information on your homepage. Too many choices can lead your visitors to indecision. Choose the most useful calls to action.

6. Calls to action on every page.
Do not limit your calls to action with placing them on your website homepage. Involve visitors in using your site with new calls to action. They might be different on every page but never lead a visitor to dead-end. For example, you can display links to your signup or other pages.

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7. Involvement and giving an ability to be useful on your site.
General registration and giving extra rights to registered members is powerful call to action. Making visitors join your site provide an access to various engagement techniques. These can be promoting your site to friends, ability to see some required links or even discounts and prizes for using your service or buying items. Inform them about everything that happens on your site placing information about this on homepage. Allow visitors to leave comments and ask questions.  Make them sure that their opinion is important to you.

8. Social media.
A visitor should be able to follow your site on such popular social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, etc. This will also help you to popularize your site and convert more visitors. Remember to place the sign up form which is supposed to be well seen and easy to find. When calling to action do not ask for long life story and make the process of registering easy.

9. Bookmarking.
Enable bookmarking your site. This will increase an opportunity of visiting your site constantly. But never forget that no site is successful without useful and quality content.

10. Non-stop updating.
Make your site “alive”. Take an advantage of seasons and holidays if it aligns with your business strategy. Keeping your homepage looking renewed is a great way to encourage your site visitors to action and make your site more interesting and various.

An effective call to action is a small secret of successful site. Follow these guidelines and you will see their effectiveness. If it is done your site can generate real return on investment that most of sites are made for.

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