25+ Travel and Holiday Logo Design Examples

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For an effective travel logo design, you no doubt need to have an advanced tool in your hand. But more than this tool, you need a strong backing of thinking, creative and imaginative mind. If you know the product for which a logo has to be designed, your task becomes easy to accomplish. For example if you own a travel based business or website, your logo design should be stylish and gorgeous but at the same time, simple too.

A logo gives your business recognition. It registers well in your consumers’ mind. Through logo, you can easily communicate the image of your business or venture to your customers. Each logo has unique identity in terms of shape, font, color, image, text and texture. No two logo designs can be found to be the same in the similar market. With the help of a logo, you can ascertain whether it’s a commercial or a non-commercial brand.

Some of the best travel logo design examples can be explored on the internet if you want to come up with any fresh idea or design. Most of these logo designs are simple, effective and stylish. Designers have used the right combination and proportion of size, color, and font to communicate the essence of the owners’ properties. While going through any of these logo designs, you should pay close attention to the way texts have been used. At some places, texts are in bold and at some places, they are presented in upper or lower case.

Just remember that the main target of any travel oriented websites is to attract their customers. It’s not only about selling a hotel room or a flight ticket. You have to pull people out of their comfortable cocoons to a new, unknown place and promise them fun-filled moments and memories which cannot be experienced otherwise. Hence if you had thought designing a travel logo will be easier, think over it again. But, you shouldn’t be bothered. You can check them and get an idea about the perfect way to design a travel logo for your venture.

Travel and Holiday Logo Design

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