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Tumblr is more like a social version of WordPress which is proven to be the quickest and easiest way to interact and share with a personal blog. It has a wide range of features that eradicates the complexity that was there earlier. It provides numerous Tumblr themes with unique features which could be very easily used to alter the looks of the Tumblr blog.

In order to tailor the free tumblr theme to the view of your blog, there are several customization options. There is an option to change the theme of the blog at any time one wants to.

Want to become a part of a microblogging sphere, then step away from such powerful and sophisticated frameworks as WordPress or Drupal and repose your trust in less complex platforms such as Tumblr. Being created in 2007, this cutting-edge framework designed specifically for satisfying “appetite” of blog-lovers has become one of the most popular tools for sharing your thoughts with the World. And thanks to constant updates, the latest version of Tumblr lets you cover users that visit your blog through tablets and smartphones.

As befits the system also includes frontend and backend, but with one huge exception: they are definitely really easy to use, even if you are a novice in this sphere you will be able to quickly get a grip on it; and in seconds, prettify the appearance of your website setting custom colors and background. Moreover, depending on the theme features you can get lots of other options for customization. Want to see it for yourself, then refer to our list that includes some finest Tumblr themes that are available free of charge.

Free Tumblr Themes

Pocket Folio

Tumblr Themes

Pocket Folio is a clean and refreshing Tumblr theme that elegantly demonstrates your best works using a grid-style layout, where each cell is filled with image and short description. It ships with:

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  • super-quick installation;
  • numerous customizable features;
  • Google fonts;
  • Google Analytics;
  • commenting system Disqus;
  • buttons for sharing posts via social media.

Being created specially for Tumblr it will help to get the most out of this blogging platform.



Fixed is a full-screen, minimal and exquisite Tumblr theme that supports high-resolution images. It will not let your artworks go unnoticed with its eye-catching image-based “welcome” section that fills the entire browser window. Line by line the theme will display your posts, whether you are creating a standard blog post or specific one that includes video, audio or chat.

Coming with such basic features as:

  • support via email;
  • responsive layout for perfectly displaying data on mobile devices and tablets;
  • set of basic customization options;
  • custom colors;
  • ability to use only one page with a help of infinite scroll.

It will be ideal for various categories of people starting from photographers and ending up with regular bloggers.

Miss Sourpuss

Free Tumblr Themes

Miss Sourpuss has a neat classic front page design that reveals your posts sequentially one by one with a fixed number of posts per page. It also involves a multi-functional sidebar where you can place links, social media icons and several widgets.

However, when it comes to customization, here you are slightly limited in options compared with the previous themes but you are still capable of setting a background, choosing colors as well as specifying title and description. The Miss Sourpuss is a perfect option for those who are looking for a more traditional design and a simpler structure that won’t overwhelm with extra functionality.

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Effector Theme

The theme is claimed to handle everything. Its flexible layout lets it correctly display posts on various screens. You can create various types of posts as well as populate footer section with several HTML blocks. Moreover the theme offers such helpful features as:

  • multiple layouts;
  • color options;
  • customizable top bar;
  • multifunctional sidebar;
  • selection of fonts;
  • several pre-defined color schemes.

So that if you want to run a blog without hustle and bustle, you should definitely hit the “download” button and enjoy its possibilities.

Boston Polaroid

The theme has built-in support for high-resolution images that is a key aspect for photographers, designers and those who strongly reckon on impact produced by its artworks. The Boston Polaroid also provides such basic options as:

  • color choice;
  • Disqus – commenting system;
  • localization;
  • neat clean icons;
  • post formats: video, audio;
  • search page;
  • tags.

So you will be able to run a blog with all necessary features.

The Stitch

The theme assumes that you will be displaying no more than 7 posts simultaneously, since the showy accordion placed at the top of the page has a maximum 7 colorful tabs. The color differentiation helps to effectively mark your new posts, and if you do not bother about aesthetics of your blog, you can easily display as many posts per page as you wish.

As for a functional, you will be able to:

  • create all basic post formats;
  • translate the theme into your language;
  • set tags;
  • upload custom images;
  • create a grouped blog.

Unfortunately, the theme does not based on a responsive layout, and the search page works quite badly, but it still has some valuable features.


The developer has done a good job of building a vibrant and sleek blog that will focus users’ attention both on your posts and pleasant design. Thanks to basic customization options you can prettify the appearance of the front page with a vivid navigation placed at the top of the page.

The author has also taken care of such options as:

  • Disqus comments;
  • tags;
  • localization;
  • custom colors;
  • well-crafted graphics and social media buttons.


Tumblr is a platform that not everyone will find exciting and appropriate since it is highly limited in its possibilities, however when it comes to blogging, it has definitely something to offer. It does not overload with features and options, so you won’t be overwhelmed by its sophistication and intricacy. It is an ideal option for those whose aim is to post articles and share with the World its thoughts expressed with a help of text and multimedia data.

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