20 Creative Examples of Typography in Print Ads


It is believed that in the field of advertisement what is being said is not as important as how it is said. That means in advertisement no matter what type of media you are using, the most significant aspect is the way you are promoting your product or service in, to the mass. If the presentation is attractive and exclusive then people will notice it, regardless of the product or the service and on the hand no matter how important or expensive your product is if your presentation is not so impressive then there is least chance of having a good response of that advertisement. The same point is applicable in all types of media; be it print, electronics or online.

While talking about print media the role of typography cannot be ignored. These typography based advertisements are equally popular among other Media versions like television and other video mediums. Be it on television, on internet or on newspapers or hoardings; the main motto of any ad is to catch the eyes of the customers and make them aware of the product or service and also impress them with is so that they show the interest to the item. When one company uses the print media as a platform of advertisement then they must be very careful about the typography and the fonts of the advertisement.

With fine and exclusive typography, one simple advertisement can draw the attention of millions of viewers. There are lots of hoardings that we see every day on our way to office or college that draw our attention very strongly. May be there is no any attractive image in the ad and just few words are written there on it, but the typography is so interesting and unique that we cannot go but not looking at it. In that way through a brilliant and creative pattern of typography the ad becomes successful to draw our attention.

That is the beauty of typography in advertisement. With creative and exclusive typography you don’t need to have stunning images or any celebrity in your advertisement. In the internet there are lots of examples of creative typography for print ads. You can choose from them according to your business pattern. Typography can be a great source of inspiration for the creative ad makers who always want to do something special. But at the same time, you have to be very careful about the proper use of it.

Examples of Typography in Print Ads


  1. Rachael Feb 13, 11:53 am

    There’s some great examples here, I think my favourites are the Huawei, Orange and What is true love adverts.
    There’s so much detail in the Mint Toy museum, it looks like its designed to be shown a lot bigger, its the kind of thing more suited to a magazine or newspaper where you have time to stop and read what it says as there’s so much information.

    I find the OMG MTV advert very creepy, and I don’t really understand what it’s trying to portray either, maybe its related to the programme but after seeing that advert, it doesn’t make me want to find out!

  2. Lance Feb 14, 1:30 pm

    Very nice done but the readability of print ads is the most important. If you can’t read the message it doesn’t make sense. The second one for me is the best.

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