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Free UI Kits for iPhone and iPad Development


A number of UI kits for iPhone and iPads have been developed and these are extremely handy in developing as well as designing iPhones and iPads.

In order to help streamlining designing as well as development of iPhone and iPad app, these iPad UI, iPhone UI play an extremely important role. These iPhone and iPad UI kits allow the designers and developers to concentrate on development instead of designing everything right from scratch.

The GUI kits for iPhone and iPad development provide stencils, elements of iPhone and iPad GUI as well as PSDs along with a collection of the most attractive latest icon-sets. A specific type of PSD Vector set is available with a number of button elements along with 6 different options of iPhone interface.

A particular iPhone UI kit is available for the Omni Graffle, the Visio (XML), the Adobe Illustrator (both the PDF as well as the SVG), and the Adobe Photoshop (PNG).

Another UI stencil includes the components of standard interface designed for the iPhone 3G: buttons, fields, elements of map, keyboards, and icons and so on. All the components are placed against a transparent background and there is an option of re-sizing as well.

There is a comprehensive set of stencils that help in designing the application for iPhone and iPod touchpad as well as iPad devices. All these stencils have been created manually with various native Omni Graffle shapes &groups and have the option of scaling, resizing and exporting to other vector formats.

UI elements of iPhone ad iPad

Another UI is available with different backgrounds, various types of title bars, buttons and selectors, and almost all the UI elements of iPhone ad iPad. Its text is entirely editable on the lists, the title bars, the buttons, and the scroll wheels. There is an option of resizing the buttons horizontally by using ungrouping, resizing all the middle elements, and following it up with regrouping those elements again back into a single button.

Some GUI sets consist of almost every elements of iPad UI, which include tabs, keyboard, menus, balloons and so on besides including scalables & buttons and the vector versions that are entirely editable.

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There are a number of clean & simple toolbar icons that are designed by iPad UI, iPhone UI categorically for the iPhone, with source .psd file for further customization.

Then there is the Glyphish icon set which is designed and cautiously optimized particularly for using the toolbars and the tab bars in iPhone apps and is also suitable for development of Android.

Certain icons are images of 24-bit .png and consist of about 30×30 pixels for the tab bar icons and approximately 20×20 pixels for the toolbar as well as navigation icons. Another set of icons for the toolbar in iPhone contains some exquisitely designed shaded pads which give some added depth and highlight the features of the icon.

Again, a set of vector shapes of Photoshop that are influenced by the icon sets like Glyphish and Pictoico are perfectly applicable for the development of iPhone & iPad app.

All these icons are vector based and are designed to assist in designing, developing, implementation as well as promoting the multi-touch interfaces. The Gesturecons can be used in the iPhone and iPad applications to help the users complete their actions and to prompt them in interacting with any application when they use it. Let us wait for some more UI kits to develop as they will come to the aide of the designers who are constantly striving to create something new in this field.

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