User Interface Elements: 2012 UI Kits Collection


This year was very productive in terms of UI Kits. There hasn’t been such amount of User Interface Elements published any year, as this year, a kind of a boom of different styles and shapes. I would like to point out our support to the creation of completely new packages of ui elements, let’s say directly: it was a breakthrough in the creation of such interfaces. To be sure (for those who do not know), here you will find free ui kits, and here, a huge collection of paid ui elements.

And so, in this article we have compiled the best quality UI Kits, in the first part of this article, you will find free UI Kits, and in the second part of this article, – the best paid UI Kits.

We have many times written about why it is good to use UI Kits in your work, with this collection, you will be able to compare the quality of the created packs, and you will decide for yourself why it is necessary to choose the best and more complete packs of web elements.

Use UI Kits even in extreme cases, when the deadline is close, the time is almost gone, and there is still much work to do.

We hope that we will help you in your work using only the professional UI Kits.

Free UI Kits

The Bricks

Impressionist UI Free

Pandora UI Free for iOS

Futurico UI Free

Free PSD/HTML Web UI Elements Kit

Moonify UI

Minimalist Dark Psd Web UI Set

Classic Grey


Blue Milk UI Ki

Dark Chart UI Kit

Orange Ui kit

Premium UI Kits

The Bricks – Bundle Pack Addons

Impressionist UI

Pandora UI for iOS

Futurico UI

Dark Amber UI


  1. Alexandru Vornicescu Dec 21, 2:16 am

    Cool kits! The Bricks is the best!
    Hope to see something new soon.

  2. Creative Bumps Dec 21, 6:32 am

    Beautiful UI assets. I wanted one for my current iOS and Android App project.

  3. meisographic Dec 22, 1:21 am

    Nice stuff. But it’s just static, so using this polished pictures is a time waste. Better buy some really useful Axure widget libraries

  4. Will Dec 28, 2:54 pm

    Agree with you, James. This collection is amazing. And I like your Dynam User Interface ;)

  5. Clipping Path Jan 3, 8:31 am

    Amazing Kits Collection. I just love those kits. Really very thanks for share with us. We want more post like that. Keep it up… :)

  6. Srinivas Reddy Jan 3, 4:21 pm

    Great collections of UI Kits. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  7. Hemachandran Jan 13, 9:52 pm

    Awesome Collections…

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