Ultimate Collection of National (Country) Flag Icon Sets

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A complete icon set of 220 flags.

Country Flags PNG Icon Set – Buy

20 flag icons in transparent PNG format. Countries in this set: Denmark, Belgium, Brazil, Romania, Switzerland, Israel, Argentina, Australia, Japan, Canada, Germany, USA , Russia, Cuba, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Vietnam.

Rounded flags icon – Buy

European countries flag and the 10 most spoken languages on the web. PSD fully editable vector layer. Vector object for easy resizing and manipulating. Layered and labelled. Includes PNG -24 files with transparency 124×124 px, 48×48 px and 24×24 px.

Web Flags Set – Buy

The set contains 220 flags. It contains 220 PSD files and 1100 PNG files in different sizes(384×256 | 192×128 | 96×64 | 48×32 | 24×16).

Shaped flags – Buy

Shaped flags of countries, layered, grouped, properly named and well organized files for easy editing.

Glossy national flags on the black  – Buy

Glossy national flags on the black.

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1 Comment
  1. Jake Dec 15, 9:56 pm

    Great list!

    Important to remember though is that flags are representations of locales not languages. This problem has gotten more complicated over the years as more organizations and companies have a global audience that needs to select a regional website for content or products or currency specific to that region.

    To avoid confusion for users we should limit use of flag icons to helping users select national or geographic regions.For example, DVDs that are region specific or car companies that sell different models and have different prices, dealers, etc. in different regions or even sites that have content that is specific to one region or another such as a global news site.

    While we can all agree on the efficacy of icons we lose the usefulness of the icon when it’s used inappropriately. I’ve seen many arguments for not using flags for languages but for some reason many people seem to focus on cultural sensitivity rather than usability. While you may offend offend your Brazilian user by showing a flag of Portugal to indicate Portuguese or a Taiwanese user by using the flag of China, the issue of usability and confusion gets lost if we focus on the issue of cultural or political sensitivities.

    Besides the fact that many people don’t recognize flags of various countries, you actually make your user do more work to try to translate which flag and can confuse them when the icon is in conflict with the fact that the user needs to select a geographic region.

    So what’s the accepted protocol for language? Use the word for the language in the language such as
    English | Espanol | 中文

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