25+ Examples of Unusual Navigation in Web Design

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Navigation menu in a website is one such segment that is most essential but most of the time is neglected in terms of creativity. Very few designers and developers are seen to pay extra attention on the design of navigation menus. They prefer to keep it simple and traditional. But this is a very important segment for any websites since visitors will get stuck only to the home page of a site if people cannot get the chance to navigate to other pages as well. So this section must be dealt with special care but unfortunately often designers don’t give much importance in the designs of navigation menus or don’t try new ideas in this section of a website.

Website design can be out and out creative with the amazing designs created by extremely talented web designers and developers. There are lots of things in a web designing project that can be done in such a creative manner that it can add some extra zeal to the entire appearance of the site. Sometime a very simple looking website can be presented in a very exclusive manner with the addition of some unique concepts in it. With a great sense of creativity this height of uniqueness can be obtained by the web designers.

However, there are lots of websites as well where a great creativity in designing the navigation can be found. Web designers of those sites show their uniqueness and creative talents in not only the use of colors or textures of the site but as well as in making the navigation menus unique. Talented and creative web designers have created them in order to make the sites unique and attract the visitors. These navigation menus are really amazing since they are not like the regular one that we normally see while browsing websites in the internet. A clear touch of creative excellence can be felt in them. And these kind of unusual navigation menus obviously enhance the style and look of the whole website. They give the site a funny yet interesting look that attracts visitors.

One can find a wide range of such websites as examples where unique navigation menus are created and used. Novice website designers and developers can get lots of ideas about new kind of navigation menu from that list of examples which will help them in making exclusive navigation concepts for their web designing projects.

Unusual Navigation Examples


Hackery, Math & Design


Sensi Soft


Yuna Kim



AmberMiro Design Studio

Grip Limited


65 Media


Organic Grid

Studio Output

Stephen Vernon Clarke


Dave Werner’s Portfolio


Marc Anton Dahmen Architecture & Images


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  1. Rachael Feb 27, 11:59 am

    Some lovely examples here of designs that are a bit different from the crowd – although there’s some here which I don’t think are that unusual, they are just broken up with a nice logo or different background image, they don’t “do” anything unusual in functionality or when you look at solely the navigation appear any differently.

    I think my favourites from your selection are Racket, Loodo and Stephen Vernon Clarke, Racket and , from the ones shown. I like the winding style of the navigation of Loodo. The creative way of showing lots of pages and sub pages but not in a dropdown is great, it reminds me when you start brainstorming ideas on paper on the Racket design. I also like the wheel type navigation on the Stephen Vernon Clarke, something like this would be great for a audio company as it reminds me of an wheel on an ipod.

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