16 Useful jQuery Plugins & Tutorials to Integrate Twitter into Website/Blog

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Twitter is one of the most popular and prevailed social network all over the world for communication and discussions online. Twitter is powerful on its own, so to integrate Twitter into website or blog means to make your site even more powerful. Bringing Twitter into your site will help you to attract visitors and advertise your content. It and can also help you gain lots of visitors by stretching your visibility and informing them that you are on Twitter.

The easiest way to integrate Twitter into website is widget created by Tweeter itself. But there is more efficient and fruitful way to integrate Twitter into your website or blog with ease. jQuery plugins give a great line of abilities to develop a huge number of different effects to your projects. Certainly, they are imprescriptible part of nowadays web design.

Using jQuery plugins  is a great tool for the mission of integrating Twitter to a bog or website. When Twitter is integrated to a website or blog, visitors are able to find the tweets listed interesting and get interested in following to get more tweets. This is doubtless an effective recourse compared to a simple “follow me on twitter” button.

After ingoing to wide jQuery community, people never stop putting into practice various types of jQuery plugins for their projects because they are so easy to use. So here is the list of twenty jQuery plugins to integrate Twitter into a website or blog without any problems.

jQuery Plugins & Tutorials to Integrate Twitter

A Twitter List Powered Fan Page

Recently, Twitter rolled out a great new feature on their site – lists. You can now create and compile a list of twitter users and make it easier for others to follow all at once. Also, at the same time, they expanded their API to include list management functionality. This allows us to use these new tools to create a widget that flips lists the other way around – a fan page you can put in your sidebar, that allows your visitors to fill in their twitter name and join a specially crafted fan list in your twitter account.

jQuery plugin for Twitter

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You can add alternative content to the container element (that you pass to the plugin). This will be replaced by your tweets when the plugin is executed by jQuery. If JavaScript is disabled or the plugin fails, your visitors will still see your alternative content – a good idea therefore would be to include a link to your twitter profile.

Making Our Own Twitter Timeline

Twitter has grown into a real social phenomenon. This is an incredible achievement for such a simple service. But as you know, great ideas are not necessarily complex. This time we are going to create our own twitter-like timeline, where you can view and post your tweets. You can use the code I’ve provided here for all kinds of purposes and be sure that the possibilities are endless.

jQuery LiveTwitter

LiveTwitter is a lightweight, live updating Twitter search plugin for jQuery.

A jQuery Plugin for Custom, CSS Styled, Retweet Buttons

Retweet buttons are all over the internet now.  They are a handy for giving visitors a quick way to share a post. These all work great and are easily recognizable.  Sometimes we have wanted to add a button that matches a site a little better.  The topsy button has some customization, but not much.  It just allows you to change color schemes.

jQuery quickie: Unlimited Scroll using the Twitter API

Time for another relatively simple jQuery tutorial, just like my previous jQuery quickie. At work, I’m currently working with Silverlight and implemented unlimited scroll. This is a great technique that could be used on loads of websites. Instead of the regular pagination, where the user has to click to see the next page, unlimited scroll automatically loads the next page when the user is at the bottom.

Boastful, a new tweetback library for your blog

I alluded to this yesterday, but finally have been able to release Boastful, a jQuery plugin that grabs “tweetbacks” for your blog. Tweetbacks are like trackbacks- every time someone mentions your blog on Twitter, you can pull in those mentions and print them out on your blog. This has gained in prevalence lately with 3rd party services like Disqus, which grabs all those tweets and integrates them with your normal blog comments. That’s a really crappy solution.

Latest Tweets Tooltip with jQuery

If you have a news website, it might be interesting for you to allow your users to see the latests tweets about a topic. Here is a jQuery plugin for showing the latest tweets about a certain word or phrase.

Twitter API and jQuery Showcase: Display your Followers or Friends

Today I was playing around with the Twitter API and created this little “widget” using jQuery and PHP. I know, there are already plenty of them, but I wanted to improve some details. You can configure and use this in your website to show your followers or friends with some interesting information about them (name, number of followers, number of friends). A reason why 100 followers or friends are loaded in the beginning is the restriction the Twitter API is giving in the number of results per request. So, in order not to make several requests which would take quite some time, I just get 100. However, you can always click the link to the entire list in the end of the pagination.

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