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With the development of technology, websites as well as web applications have become more and more responsive over the last years or so, thereby providing us with increasing number of ways & techniques that help users to interact with their counterparts. One of the most important tools that have helped the websites become more and more attractive and interactive, is the user interface design.

A design is created taking into view their need, the experience of the users, keeping in mind the user-centricity and usability, and all the other factors that are pertinent in enhancing the interface of the users. Read this article to know about some of the best user interface design examples.

About User Interface Design Patterns

Some user interface designs are readily available with boxes as well as arrows along with a prime source that offers all types of relevant information on interaction design, its usability, and various other related factors.

A few more kinds of designs are also available that have various web applications. Some of the designs strike a fantastic balance between the content and the design with a topic covering different parts of the user’s interface. The design further subdivides the User Science topic into three different categories called Accessibility, Usability and Information Architecture.

A few designs are created so as to provide the users share tips on how to use white space while improving the User Interface and using the Photoshop color profiles for creating web images. There are designs which are specifically set for the airlines companies and those doing related business.
Some of these designs use a collection of links about topics on designs of User Interface and the way they are related to web. One limitation of user interface designs for airline companies is that many such links are not updated and are hard of any use in today’s context.

A few designs on the other hand, give emphasis on usability. These have an Alert box section that helps in the usability of the users. Another type of design puts emphasis on the excellent design of interaction and visual design that is used in the real world. There are plenty of ways to utilize, navigate, and find your desired content on the site. This includes Tag pages that feature popular keywords used in entries within the showcase that are split up into three categories – keyword, product, and company.

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You will also come across a design that is more applicable in dealing with the categories like accessibility, usability, as well as the experience of the user. Another beautiful design helps the users to explore plenty of design patterns of user experience like date pickers and 2-panel selectors. This particular application needs Silverlight plugin and can be viewed using the Internet Explorer (it works properly in Firefox as well as Safari though) for the best results.

Another type of user interface design is available with a number of patterns of design that involve various site tasks like navigation around a particular site, searching a particular site, and certain very basic interactions like slideshows and other tools that establish a bondage with the users. A few other types of designs also concentrate on breadcrumbs other than slideshows. Another tool, Pattern Tap helps the users in creating their sets, and they can choose from over 7,000 user sets.

User Interface Design Examples

Labbler Music Community Interface

The user interface is based on a neutral gray that establishes casual and formal atmosphere. It also skillfully balances all the splashes of bright colors and graphics.

The clean monochrome background and plenty of white space set the stage for information quite effectively, presenting it in a pleasant manner. Everything is neat and carefully organized.

Car Service Final

The project is supposed to deal with a bulk of data so that it is not surprising that tables, proper formatting and calm basic color scheme are three fundamental bricks that underlie the design. Bookmark-inspired navigation on the left is a nice touch that instantly catches the eye. Although the layout is nothing but conventional grid, however, it is very comfortable to surf through.

Event & Music Website

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The website is planned down to the last detail. Each constituent occupies its rightful place and does not come into conflict with the others. The design is an alliance of coloring, arrangement and white space that results in an excellent user experience. It houses a great deal of multimedia content. Nevertheless, the theme does not feel overpowering at all.

Impressionist User Interface Pack

The product speaks for itself. It was created to impress its owners with great potential. The package is broken into several blocks that feature a ton of useful, pixel-perfect and high-quality graphic materials. It assists in crafting any interface you need, starting from the basic corporate website and ending with sophisticated mobile application. Comes with 200 icons and several color options it is armed to the teeth.

‘MOD’ CRM system

The portal utilizes a dark coloring that greatly benefits the interface as well as sets up an enjoyable atmosphere. An ideal contrast between background and foreground naturally outlines the content and highlights the important details. It does not look gloomy; on the contrary, it feels sophisticated, refined and elegant.

kit digital iPad app

The design satisfies the high standards inherent to Apple. It is sleek, polished and outstanding. Flat style enriched with some tiny twists like buttons with a nice gradient and subtle shadows yields a fantastic result. Although the color scheme is pretty bright, however, black used as a core color preserves the harmony.


Tripilot is a typical example from the skeuomorphic era. Stitched effect, glossy metallic surfaces used for tiny knobs on a slider, bulgy buttons with strong shadows, neatly crafted holes, ropes: everything adds to the atmosphere from that period. Along with that, the layout remains classic, displaying the content in one or two-column structure. The primary coloring is quite generic as well.

Daelim Museum Mobile App

The UI produces an impression of well-balanced, carefully crafted project that takes into account such vital factors as readability, information hierarchy, and user experience. Despite being content intensive, it still looks pleasant and handy to browse and navigate. Each screen is a symbiosis of content and spacing that play wonderfully together.

Futurico User Interface Pro

This is a pack of vigilantly created essentials to prototype user interfaces of various complexities in a short order. It is delivered in two color options (dark and light), with two hundred items (including widgets, profiles, multimedia players, sliders and much more), two samples of predefined designs.

Pandora User Interface Kit for iOS Devices

The set is intended to become an excellent instrument for crafting interfaces for iPhone and iPad applications. As is expected, each item boasts of an elegant look and sharp edges, and support for retina displays.

This vast selection adds a flourish to any design as well as quickly injects some life into your idea. All the components are presented in five skins (basic, leather, wood, cloth and knit) and can be resized without sacrificing the quality. What’s more, versions nicely collaborate with each other, offering lots of room for creativity.

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