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User Interface Design Examples for your Inspiration


Camera Genius App Interface

The application magnetizes with its outstanding interface design that gets its beauty from the skeuomorphic details. The toggle on the header, dark leather texture used for the background, the button in the center that has a subtle 3D dimensional look, photo frames for demonstrating albums and much more complete the tone and spirit of the project, luring users into the concept.

DGI Landstævne 2013

The website leverages a classic horizontal stripe layout to professionally deal with all the content. The color differentiation is used to carefully distinguish one section from another, thereby making user experience handier and more enjoyable. There are numerous photo backgrounds; however since each area takes up the whole browser screen this fact does not confuse visitors.

Mobile-Web UI / Mekanist.net

This is another interface in our collection that needs to cope with lots of content. In this case, the modular system was a wise decision, since it saves the website from looking messy and dirty. Everything is neatly arranged into a grid structure that is bolstered by the proper amount of white space. The coloring is also well-thought-out: opting for generic white is a winning solution.

Travel Website Redesign

The portal tries to stick with a clean look, straightforward navigation, and intuitive layout. Although at first sight it seems a bit content heavy, however, everything is vigilantly organized into columns, and visitors have a chance to explore the project without getting lost. Careful color choice also reinforces the theme. Blue and green are used to focus attention on important details while white and light gray support the content.

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IMDB User Interface Concept

The template demonstrates a good use of a time-tested grid system that puts everything in order. The artists have achieved a visual clarity. The layout is intuitive and easily scannable whereas the images do not bombard the audience. As a result, the mockup has a friendly aesthetics that invites visitors to explore the project more thoroughly.

Intel Enthusiast 2012

The UI has a lot of character and personality. The ‘welcome’ section with a sharp, playful note is simply mesmerizing. The rest of the layout is standard and predictable: the content is arranged into columns with wide gutters and clever formatting. The tone is set by the brilliant photo background on the header. Sidebar on the right and fixed bottom navigation are interesting tricks that enrich user experience.

EasyJet iPhone application

Orange shade rules the roost here, setting the atmosphere to the friendly one as well as adding welcoming traits to the interface. Paired with a neutral gray and white, together they do all the heavy lifting: spacing out the content, stressing the CTAs, and adding priority to vital features. As for the structure, it is as it should be: simple, natural and clear.

F.L.A.X – Voice Activated Assistant

F.L.A.X has a distinctive techno vibe that is produced by the image backdrop and sleek and polished graphical material. The halftone effect significantly strengthens the theme. The casual color scheme where blue and green take up the leading roles, also contributes to the atmosphere. The interface perfectly captures the mood of the application and reflects the idea.


Each interface is aimed to establish its mode of communication with users. They adopt various solutions to comply with the idea of a project, leave a good first impression and, of course, be the place where visitors will feel comfortable.

For these purposes, some of them pick up the businesslike atmosphere with casual language, clean structure, and traditional coloring, while others prefer to mix and match several styles, incorporate semi-realistic elements and employ original color schemes to achieve the greatest output. All the examples are creative and impressive in their way, and which one is your favorite?

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