Using Photos in Web Design, Excellent Examples for Inspiration


Photos are a great way to visualize things, capture different important moments or to send a certain message. Besides that, if they are widely used in web design they can make the website look good and stylish but then again only if they are used wisely.

Pictures can be great for any kind of design you choose – minimalist or with many interesting details.  You can either choose them as big background pictures or as a central focus points in the headers.  If you choose to have a big picture on the background, you have to make sure that the quality is good at higher resolutions, otherwise it might look bad. Keep in mind that big background pictures are suitable for certain themes only and they might look weird for some websites. However big background photos on websites look really good all in all and they might make the website stand out from the others.

Using photos in the headers of the websites might give the visitors a sense of what is the website about in general, plus they will not be overwhelmed with the big sizes of background pictures. It is up to you really how you use photos in web design – the point is for it to look good and attract visitors.

We would like to show you some examples of websites that skillfully used photos in their designs. Hopefully they will boost your inspiration and creativity.

Photography in Web Design

Corina Ciripitca

A girl that lives through the lens of her camera - as this is the best way to see things as you want them to see. Born and raised in Moldova, now living in sunny Cyprus.

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