20 Free and Premium Vector World Maps

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Have you been dropping your client projects of late because of the dearth of quality vector world maps? Well if this was the reason, you certainly don’t need to worry anymore now. It’s true that any project that requires having a vectorized world map or globe is time-consuming. And creating a Vector World Map is definitely not a cinch. You need to work on so many details that the process really gets too lengthy. And if the project deadline is too tight, there is no doubt that you may have to work under tremendous pressure. However, you can get rid of all these now, thanks to some amazing vector map collections available online for free.

You can use them in your projects depending on the requirements. To help you choose from the high-quality ones, some examples are being shared here. Most of these are created in either .ai (Illustrator) format, .svg format or .eps format. Both designers, as well as non-designers, can benefit from them.

Here are some of the best free vector world maps which you can explore and use. These include -Black Water World Vector Map, Africa Centered World Vector Map, Globes Vector Map, Political World Vector Map, Blue and Green World Vector Map, and Linear World Vector Map. You can go through each of them and check out all the minute details for quality assurance.

However if you need some more examples of premium quality vectorized maps, you can take a look at Blue Arrows World Vector Map, Red World Vector Map, Dotted World Vector Map, Metallic Patterned World Vector Map, World Tech Vector Map, World Continents Vector Map, Vector Graphic, World Vector Map, World map (4 colors) and Old Style World Map. Aside from them, you can also gloss over World Continents Map Vector, Vector World Map (Rectangular), MacDaddy World and Icons World Vector Map.

All these vector maps have been created to serve a particular purpose and you will also realize the same after going through them. For instance, if you check the World Tech Vector Map, you will find that it’s available in .eps format and best suitable for illustrations and backgrounds. The Metallic Patterned World Vector Map can give you the best value in terms of decorative purposes. You can use this map to enhance the look of your documents. The illustrations can easily be used in PowerPoint, Word or Open Office. This map is offered in .ai (Illustrator) format.

Further, the Black Water World Vector Map is found in .eps format and the file size is around 192 KB.  Old Style World Map, which is available in .JPEG format, can be used on brochures, business cards, web design and prints, creative illustrations, book or CD covers, flyers and posters, etc.

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Another interesting choice includes Africa Centered World Vector Map. In this big world map, you can see the oceans highlighted in blue color. The map is created in .ai (Illustrator) format and its file size is 200k. Anyone can download this vectorized map for free. Other than this, you can also take a look at Vector Graphics map, which is created in .eps file format. To open this map, you need to use vector editing program, for example Adobe Illustrator or anything like this.

The choice of vector maps is so wide open now that you will not face any problem. You just need to search for a quality map online that can serve all your project requirements and the rest will automatically fall in place.

Free Vector World Maps

Vector World Map

Vector World Map is a political map that utilizes soft colors for distinguishing countries one from another. It is available in vector and raster formats including AI, CDR, EPS, PNG, JPG, and Gif. There is also a special blank version that can serve as a mask or basis.

Free vectorial world map

Free vectorial world map is a free open source political map that charms with the bright coloring. It is highly detailed: each country has a distinctive title, and each area is carefully outlined. Use it in your personal projects. For customization and changes open file in Adobe Illustrator.

Vector Maps

Pack of Vector Maps is an extremely sophisticated toolset where each item is populated with a bulk of details. Not only does it show countries in different colors, but it also has lots of extra stuff such as city titles. You can alter primary colors, background colors, texts, fonts and even thickness of lines via any graphic design software. It is an optimal foundation for creating your maps of individual countries, continents and regions

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Premium Vector World Maps

World Map

The world map is a premium vector file that costs $7. It has country names, capital names, ocean names, pie charts and even some interesting facts. List of features includes:

  • A2-size and A3-size both presented in a landscape orientation;
  • CMYK color mode to send the artwork right to printer;
  • standard fonts that can be easily replaced with the desired ones;
  • layered content that is vigilantly organized.

The designer makes it available in 4 formats: AI, EPS, JPEG and even PDF.

Triangled Vector World Map

Triangles vector world map boasts of refined and 3d dimensional appearance. The polygonal art makes it look splendid and original. It will become a perfect complement to any modern and asymmetrical website design. Thanks to the precise and thorough realization you can easily scale it up and down without losing quality. As usual, use the most preferred file format: AI, JPEG or EPS.

World Map

The world map is meticulously crafted and planned down to the last detail. This is a fresh take on a political world map with outlined countries. Occupying size of 1000x700mm it easily covers all the regions of our planet. You can colorize each area or just leave everything as it is.

World maps

The vector roughly delineates countries placing them on a globe. Bluish coloring and smooth edges make each editable file look soft and calm. Use it as a basis for more complex artworks or as a part of the infographic.

It is available in AI, EPS, and JPEG.

Grunge painted world map

Grunge painted world map has an intricate and visually appealing aesthetics that exudes an image of artistry. Grunge style in tandem with well-thought-out coloring and a subtle touch of textures and decorative elements make it suitable for various urban posters, T-shirt prints and banners. Just get the EPS file and make the most out of it.

World Map – dots + squares

World map looks polished, delicate and exquisite. It is well-suited to any design with a high-tech vibe or digital nature. The designer skillfully leverages circular dots and square dots to form the shape of each country and World on the whole. The vector is also presented in 4 resolutions: low, medium, high and super high. What’s more, every detail is editable; you can change the size of circles and squares in several clicks.

Map Elements

This is a huge pack that offers numerous valuable components and graphics. Here you will find a bulk of vector pictograms, icons, and vector objects. Clipart is based on a CMYK color mode, does not use blends and gradients in order to achieve a cleaner look and is well-organized and layered. It ships in 4 popular file formats.

 World Maps & Globes

The designer shows several interesting and unique takes on World map display. There are colorful version with neatly separated countries, monotone version, dot style version, map placed on a globe, map placed in a canvas with grid and rulers, clean map with controls, and 2 precise maps of USA. The artist also includes complementary icons and pins thereby making the package complete and universal.It is available in AI and EPS formats.

World Map Design Super Pack – Circles, Squares n+

Comes with 7 original and refreshing variants of World Map this package will become a perfect addition to your toolbox. The designer leverages circle dots, square dots, and rounded corner squares to shape countries, continents and water basins. As a result, each one looks elegant, high-tech and divine. 2 options for presentation such as perspective and placed on a globe, give you more freedom in your creativity.

Vector Navigation Icons and Maps

This is a fundamental toolset for creating infographics, enriching contact sections and simply enhancing print arts. The pack is ideal for recreating skeuomorphic-inspired environment. A map of US is presented in different ways including a standard option, on a globe and on a screen of a navigator. AI and EPS files let you edit the clipart in beloved image editor. PNG is for preview.

World map of hexagon tiles

The artist makes use of angular geometric shapes that remind honeycombs to develop a high-tech atmosphere. As a result, they fit together like the pieces of the puzzle, recreating a seamless and refined shape of the World. Here, hexagons are everywhere, even oceans and seas are composed of them.

Continents of the World

The pack includes vector realizations of 6 continents plus extra dotted map and Oceania map. Each part of the globe is vigilantly crafted and includes all the regions and names of the countries and their capitals and even the biggest cities. Although the designer employs a grayish coloring, yet you can set the tone for each area through any famous image editor, for example, Illustrator.  Other essential features are:

  • CMYK color mode;
  • A3-size with landscape and portrait orientations;
  • Arial and Verdana fonts;
  • 4 file formats.


We have compiled different versions of World maps to show you the whole diversity of such type of cliparts. There are traditional ones with colorful country polygons, clean monotone versions with subtly marked areas, original dot style versions, sophisticated grunge version, bar graph-inspired version and others. Whether you need to display stats in infographics, finish off contact form of a corporate website, enrich flyer or b-card or just create an original print for T-shirt or banner, all the listed above samples are ready to be put into work right away.

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