Vintage Ads Representing Modern Technologies


When you think of vintage, whether it’s about clothes, advertisements, stationary and other stuff, you imagine something that was popular in the past. The funny thing is that all of that is back nowadays and it is considered to be trendy. Vintage is not cheap and hard to get, hence lots of us want to have something to remind us of how the world used to be some time ago.

But what if you mix vintage with what’s new today? Think about it, in fashion they mix vintage clothes or accessories with something new, hence creating a unique outfit in the end. But have you ever thought about advertisements for instance. Imagine that you take something that was invented just some time ago like high-tech mobile phones or robots that can clean your house and represent them through a vintage designed advertisement.

In my opinion that’s a pretty original way to advertise your products and it combines two popular trends – having something new and something vintage at the same time! We found some examples of vintage ads promoting new technologies that people use today.

Hope you find them interesting and inspiring.

Vintage Advertising

Vintage Youtube

Vintage Facebook

Vintage Skype

Vintage Twitter

Vintage Washing

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii


New Ex-Box!


iMac Ad

MacBook Pro

Get it NOW!

Nokia Mobile

1940’s Nokia


Samsung Smartphone

Chevy ad

Ford Mustang


Scion xB





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