30 Examples of Vintage and Retro in Logo Design

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With the digital world continuously advancing it is clear that there is still a longing to look back. Many design trends have come and gone, but one that has left its mark and is here to stay is the vintage and retro style.

Our innovative technology has definitely played an important role in keeping this design trend fresh; this is due to the rise of the iPhone and hipstamic app along with instagram. You do not need to be a professional photographer to take wonderful images with a delicate vintage and retro touch. The popularity and demand for faux vintage photography has helped to stabilise this trend in today’s community.

Print adverts have also played a large part in stabilises this trend, we have been highly influenced from the print adverts of the past. The outdated cassette players, milk bottles and cars remind us of a time when things weren’t so fast paced and busy as they are now. The nostalgic value vintage print adverts hold are priceless.  Using this trend in logo design exports viewers back and reminds them that what is old is new again. An emotional attachment is created that adds an element of trust to your brand.

Although it appears a lot of people are using this trend today there are many ways you can make your logo design unique. Blend your vintage theme in with modern effects, this will create an edgy feel and instantly catch a viewer’s eye. Experiment with colour and typography, there are many free resources available that can help you.

Keep in mind vintage and retro logo designs usually contain the following features:

  • Soft pastel colours and brown/beige tones
  • The logo design is usually animated or contains a cartoon style image
  • Dated technology, clothing is usually represented in some form
  • Retro logo’s use bright colours and block patterns
  • Both vintage and retro logo designs have an old withered look, created by a stained background or torn paper and peel effects. This is one of the most common and iconic features

These features are all dependant on your personal preference.

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Vintage and Retro in Logo Design

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