Vivid and Modern Typography in Web Design


Beautiful and modern typography used in web design can be surely considered a trend. Under modern typography we mean fonts, created specifically for the website. Sometimes, not even the fonts, but only single letters needed to write the main or secondary labels. Websites with vivid, non-standard fonts look much more effective than texts on the sites of the competitors. This is understandable. An eye always catches a new element, especially if this item is located in the center of the screen and is decorated, for instance with pictures or patterns “enveloping” the text.

The use of various design techniques allows “directing” the visitor’s look to the needed object, and quickly informing him, for instance, of a discount on a product, advertising, slogan, etc. Well, just drawing his attention to any event that takes place on the site.

Typography began to play a more important role in website design than before, and in the future, their importance will only grow. In this article, we have collected examples of modern sites with large, vivid and beautiful fonts used in the design.

Large Typography in Web Design

Pure Pleasure Design


Well Done Team GB

Design Week Portland

Protect the Football


More Hazards

Marie Catribs

Sibling Rivalry

Smokey Bones

Leaderbe Consulting

Ashfall Design


Kim – The Movie

Xmas Carol


Made By Water


Barney Funk Popcorn

Notorious Design


Gap Medics


  1. Will Dec 28, 2:57 pm

    Great collection. I like “One Million Dollars” and “Netbluez”

  2. artversion Dec 29, 4:01 am

    Hey Adrian, thanks for putting this together, I used it today for a inspiration on the site we ware designing.

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