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Making Blog with W3C Web Standards


Web standards are the recommendations made by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to provide a high standard development of the Internet. The W3C Web Standards are an official set of standards that bring together commonly accepted rules made by web-masters around the world.  Any professional, skilled and respected designer plans his projects in accordance with W3C web standards.

You may think that some rules or standards will put bounds on creativeness and you may not achieve the desired result, but it is just the other way round. Web Standards allow us to code and maintain our pages with far less effort, all the while resting assured that everyone can see them as we intended. After getting to know more about W3C web standards and their advantages, you will quickly understand why using them is a great odds-on for your project.

Making Blog with W3C Web Standards

The main advantages of designing your blog according to W3C web standards are listed below.

Reach more visitors

A well structured, well-grounded blog will let you attract more users and visitors on different platforms, including mobile phones and PDAs and, of course, the usual PC. Day by day more and more people use these portable devices to access the Internet. So, it is important for your blog to be available to them.

Easy to maintain

W3C web standards compliant web pages make it much easier for the blog or website to be developed and maintained. So, not to mess up one day and provide your blog with all possible updates and maintenance, it is better to follow these web standards.

Better accessibility

Creating a blog, making it available on-line and writing regularly is not the only thing we should do with our blog. We should also consider blog usability and accessibility as well. There are lots of Internet users that have some kind of disability. It’s clear that it is very important for your blog not to neglect them. You can even be sued if your website or blog doesn’t care for disabled users in accordance with The Disability Discrimination Act. By thinking about this issue and using W3C accessibility, you may have no doubts that it will not happen and all the users will be able to visit your blog.

Reduced bandwidth

If web pages are created according to W3C Web Standards, they are saved from needless code, making the page smaller. At first, you can think that the reduction in bandwidth is not too important to think of, but if your blog generates heavy traffic you may lose a big deal of your potential visitors.

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Compatibility with manifold browsers

You cannot know for sure which browser each of your visitors will use. But if you use a standard flexible web page, you can be sure that your blog will be understood by all browsers.

Good search engine line-up

Search engines find it easier to understand your blog by keeping content separate from presentation. When using W3C Web Standards, your blog will be easy-to-find and it will not be lost among millions of other web pages. So it is a great chance to make it more popular and well known among users.

By having a well developed blog that includes all the advantages listed in this article, you will have significant odds-on over other blogs. Also, you will be assured that you have a high-grade professional blog.

So, you now know the advantages of design based on W3C Web Standards. If you already have a blog that does not follow web standards, you have two ways: either to keep your existing blog which is without a chance because of its narrow-mindedness compared to others or make a “real” blog for yourself. Unfortunately, there are still many web designers that do not follow these guidelines and still create web pages in an out-of-date and unprofessional way. So if you do not create your blog yourself, make sure that the web designer’s work is based on W3C Web Standards.

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