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Wake Felderman – It’s a Metaphor


What is an art? Does it have to have sentimental or emotional values attached to it? Is creativity always a gift of deep thinking? Well, when you hear that such person is an artist or a creative person, somehow or the other while looking at his or her creations, you end up asking questions  – who was your inspiration or what motivated you to create this masterpiece? You start exploring those meanings in that creativity which may never have been intended to be reflected by the artist himself. He might have created it just like that. But, it gets difficult to explain this to others.

In order to revolutionize this stereotypical thinking process of the people, Wake Felderman came up with his own style of art. He showcases his creative pieces as a metaphor of things that do not really have any hidden, complicated meaning in them. But when people look at them, they try to project their own interpretations. For instance, a skull-faced cock with a gun stuck between its claws designed on a T-shirt may indicate nothing more than any creative depiction. Still, people try to read into the figure and come out with their whole new interpretation.

Owing to this, the art guru Wake Felderman himself says that looking at things and finding out a meaning in them is a basic human instinct. But, his art doesn’t contain any deep-set meaning; and, hence, no matter how much effort a person puts into figuring out the meaning, he would never arrive at any conclusion. The only way to enjoy his art in its true spirit is by sporting them without bothering what does it stand for.

From this, it is easy to understand that Wake Felderman’s revolutionary designs are meant for the younger generation. It is for the ones who live life and enjoy it without hesitation and even without bothering about its implications. If you are one of them, then go and get the exclusive Felderman’s designs. These are meant for the cool people like you. His designs are something to be watched for and to be showed off in its coolest style anywhere and everywhere.


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