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Easiest Possible Way to Web Design Guest Posting


This world is now completely surrounded by millions and millions of web designers. Whenever a new kid adds up in this profession, the competition rises to a higher level. Yes what you are thinking is absolutely correct, a freelance web designer faces a harsh and competitive world with no time for relaxing.

Believe or not guest posting is a brilliant way to increase your chances being hired for new developing projects. Waste some valuable minutes and just go through this article and know some valuable tips.

Which one you belongs to?

  • A design blog owner: You are not the only person in this profession. Internet is a place where you will surely find more than thousands of active design blogs and you are just one of them. What should you do to improve your blog? How can you reach out to the audience?
  • Freelance web designer looking for job? As told earlier for this section, internet is very harsh and competitions are at the highest levels. You have to be strong to survive. If you still don’t believe then try to remember about the condition of MySpace after the arrival of facebook.

You have to show the world that you are different.

  • Web designing firm: there is lot of designing firms available in this competitive world so why should you be the chosen one? Clients simply will choose you because of the services you can provide. Isn’t it? But do you think it’s so easy? Clients will opt for your services only when you are well known otherwise nothing will be going in your way. Must be wondering how to be well known? Social media is all you need. It’s the only place, designers and other people use it to anchor their presence.

One of the real problem designers face is advertising and we all know advertising doesn’t comes for free. Spending a lot of dollars just to get known is not a good idea rather wastage of money. You don’t have to apply some extra ordinary techniques to compel people visit your site. You just have to create your presence. Why? You too are aware of the fact that internet users are having a short attention span. Even you will fail to write down the names of the blogs you have visited last day.

So, why not try something different? What about guest posting?

I am sure you have heard about this earlier but neglected. Guest posting also helps you earn money while you post articles, tutorials etc on different blogs. Guest posting is a brilliant opportunity to establish your presence.

When done everything correctly you increase your chances of being known that too without wasting your valuable money.

Do you desire of being a web designer? Then what are you waiting for?

Have you ever thought who’s behind those beautiful websites that we often come across? There are various people around behind a successful website. But when it comes to designing, it is the result of some extra ordinary talent of an individual that can be achieved only by improving his/her skill.

Impress your audience with animated websites and web presentations.

With Slides, we don’t make you start from an empty slate. All you have to do is to pick the elements you like best and combine them. Each slide has been carefully crafted to satisfy three key criteria: aesthetic, function and usability. That way you know every element works together seamlessly while enhancing the impact of your content.

Create a Website

Certain things must be in mind to be a good designer.

  • The individual should have good learning and observing caliber.
  • Innovation is the second step very much useful during web designing.
  • The use of templates which hires and binds attention of visitors and makes your website separate from others.

Let me introduce yourself with 11 best design blogs where you can guest post


Smashing Magazine


A List Apart



Webdesigner Depot

Think Vitamin

Web Design Ledger

Web Designer Wall

Now the basic and obvious question will arise in your mind that how to write guest post?

Before getting busy in writing certain things you must know so that you keep your basics right.

  • You should know and understand what you are going to write about.
  • You should be efficient in grammar and spellings and should have good hold in your language.
  • Being persistent.

How to find what to write?

  • Visit the above listed blogs.
  • Surf at least 10 pages of each blog.
  • Checking which articles get more accepted and commented.
  • Got the idea, now decide a topic from what’s popular.

After all these you must need to contact the blog owner and go through their “write for us” page.

Start writing the article

Once you get positive reply form logs about guest posting inquiry that will only happen if you are able to convince them through your ideas. So the most important as well as crucial thing is choosing the perfect idea which results into long-lasting relationships.  To get selected choose the newest and popular topic.

Must follow the below structure

  1. Introduction– use most simple sentence to explain reader about the whole article in brief.
  2. Statement of the problem– everyone is facing problems and is in search of solution. This is the correct opportunity where you should show you know the problem and also has a suitable solution for it.
  3. Offering a solution: who doesn’t like solutions? Isn’t it? Yes everyone does so you should provide the correct solution. This is your chance to get known to everybody with the way of solution you can provide.
  4. Conclusion– conclusion are not necessary every time but ending your article with some advices, tips and more resources which will help them solving their problems.

It will just take an hour or more to complete an article if you carry on writing maintaining this writing structure.

Some other things you must keep in mind:

  • Try to provide quality and valuable content as it is the only way to get success.  Write brilliantly to showcase your talent otherwise it will be same as roaming in the party without anyone noticing.
  • Try to read blogs on regular basis.
  • Running immediately after posting will not allow you building a great relationship. You have to engage with your readers and reply to their questions or comments so that they can understand you are a real person, a real blogger.
  • Establish relations by guest posting regularly.


Only dreaming will not make you successful but your hard work will. No, don’t stop dreaming but convert your dream into reality bringing all your talent. Be innovative, be clear, think higher and express your talent through words. Becoming a successful guest blogger or a website developer is not that much easy but you will become master of your class after you gain experience. No blogger became successful from the day he born. Each and everyone have to fight their own way. So choose the best and popular topics, bring forth interesting points, show and express your class before your readers. That’s the only way to your success and soon become a perfect blogger.

Jaykrishna Yadav

This article is written by Jaykrishna Yadav, he is a part time blogger and an article writer. He has guest posting and link building service. Contact him in skype for seo works jaykrishna.yadav. He visit Mckremie a blog that offers quality service and he acts as a contributor to this blog.

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