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What a Web Designer Should Learn from Steve Jobs


Recently, Steve Jobs announced that he has given up the CEO position from Apple but many people didn’t notice that he said he will continue to work in the company, believing that Steve Jobs have quit his soul project. I am sure that Apple will develop Steve ideas and his amazing vision won’t be ignored by the new CEO. Talking about Apple, the no. 1 company in the world, this is in fact the story of a single, but amazing individual, Steve Jobs.

Along time he has created this brand, was forced to abandon it and a few years after, Apple was managed again by him. The second mandate was one that will enter into the history, the “iproducts” being turned into a nice reality. From Steve Jobs anyone can learn something; he managed a huge company in a perfect manner and developed many fascinating ideas that it’s impossible not to pay attention to him. Here, we have a blog dedicated to web designers, hence it’s normal to present some aspects that can be learned from Steve Jobs and apply them in design or in the management of a web design career. It will be great that each visitor comes with his opinion about Steve Jobs and his manner of work; the more brains, the more competent conclusions we will obtain.

1. The design is decisive

From iPads, Iphones and iPods any web designer must understand that, in our economic conditions, a product is appreciated only if it has a perfect design. The opportunities are almost countless and, in order to sell and be profitable, anyone should be attractive but also guarantee top quality. It’s enough for a single detail to be neglected that the potential clients will look after another solution. In these circumstances, a wise web designer won’t allow himself to do any mistakes and will double check his work before presenting it to the customers. A misshaped logo or a bad color combination represents a sufficient reason to reject a layout and an unsatisfied client can be the worst advertising ever.

2. Clients pay a lot of money for quality

Clients pay a lot of money for quality

Jobs didn’t own the patent for this idea but he made it fundamental in the management of Apple. As long as the products created are the best in the world, it’s a normal conclusion to also be the most expensive. Some people consider it an avaricious mentality but it hides the base of a future growth: without money, the development of the next innovations is impossible. Besides that, which genial employer will work for a small amount of money? Obviously, the same Steve Jobs, his annual revenue from Apple being 1$.

3. Marketing is the entity that bring clients, the quality of the products maintains them

Marketing is the entity that bring clients, the quality of the products maintains them

Definitely, the correct application of this idea is the source of profit for Apple and the web designer must be aware of it. Marketing isn’t optional, as I said people all around the world have an amazing number of options and, in order to be noticed by them, a strategy is required to be well-known, to be a selling brand. This aspect was the strong point of Apple and it must be a good example for any web designer. Yes, it’s true, you may be the best web designer but as if you aren’t known by too many clients, no project is gained and no money directed in your account.

Surely, a wise marketing strategy will make people buy a product or require the services of somebody but once they are disappointed by these, they won’t ever come back. Also, the great CEO took this into account and manufactured the best quality ever seen on market. The same principle can be applied with the web designers: it is not enough to have a strong portfolio and pay a good SEO specialist to appear first in the Google searches, you should offer the best services to all your clients.

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4. Discipline, hard work and self-evaluation are mandatory to be successful

Discipline, hard work and self-evaluation are mandatory to be successful

It’s pretty simple to say that, from now, someone will offer only the best products and services. To be the best a strong discipline is required, many hours of hard work per day, many sacrifices and a correct evaluation of the situation. These are the ingredients of the precise recipe for success but very few people manage to get over at any price. The great merit of Steve Jobs is that he has made a lot of sacrifices; even if the competition is harsh and his health isn’t perfect, he keeps up-to-date to make new brilliant innovations. All people, including web designers must comprehend that nothing qualitative can be achieved without any effort and personal sacrifice.

5. Establish a clear direction and never give up

Establish a clear direction and never give up

No matter if you are a web designer working in a company or a freelancer, you must establish some clear directions to follow and never quit the dream of turning it into reality. Don’t be afraid to dream, it is the advice from Steve, he believed in his objectives and anything else didn’t matter. Having clear checkpoints, it is easier to evaluate yourself and see the advance until reaching the desired purposes.

6. Ask your subordinates to be better, but you must be the best

Ask your subordinates to be better

“My job is not to be easy on people. My job is to make them better” is one of the most commented phrases of Steve Jobs and once its essence is fully understood, a manager will become wiser all of a sudden. We don’t like them but the role of bosses is to make the subordinates work better, faster and sooner or later perfectly. In spite of that, it’s immoral to ask someone to do something that you have no idea how to solve, the subordinates have a special gift to see if a boss is specialist or just an ordinary amateur. Their respect of them is gained only by the real specialists and Steve Jobs really demonstrated what passion, innovation, strong will and intelligence means.

I hope you noticed that there is nothing new, original or secret, all these are well-known before Steve Jobs but he deserves his eulogies because he is the one who cumulated all the qualities needed to be the best manager. Please let me know if you agree with this idea and share your thoughts with us!

Daniel Pintilie

Daniel Pintilie works for conversion rate optimization Company Invesp and enjoys writing on landing Page optimization and affiliate marketing.

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