Free Web UI Libraries, Frameworks and Toolkits

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Most of the high class web applications that normally we see on the web depend on a delicate set of UI libraries, controls and frameworks. The Web UI is basically an HTML / Javascript based application that is used to construct and manage the server appliance from a remote client. In order to build a consistent and reliable UI (User Interface), you need to extend your Web UI. There are several types of UI framework available in the market. These frameworks are used to create the user interfaces. Nowadays, various types of Web UI frameworks are available in multiple languages.

The framework allows the user to find the desired task quickly by providing navigation items and taskbars. However, not all UI libraries are suitable for a project. So the web developers have to choose the right Web UI libraries for the right project. Otherwise the project will not be successful.

Though there are plenty of UI frameworks available in the market, most of the developers prefer to use a single UI framework. They rely on it since they find it trusted, effective, easy to use and helpful as well. If you are a web developer and want to find out some Javascript web UI libraries, frameworks and toolkits, you must take the help of internet. There are lots of ideas and examples of professional Web UI libraries and frameworks that could help you to build your own UI. The toolkits available are also immensely helpful in creating the user interface.

Some Examples of UI Framework:

  1. Windows.Forms
  2. GTK
  3. QT
  4. WPF (+Silverlight)
  5. wxWidgets
  6. Swing
  7. AWT
  8. SWT
  9. X/XT/Motif

Some of the UI frameworks are perfect for building mobile web applications. These are extremely light weight since all of the cross browser compatibility codes that are non essential for mobile app development are stripped out.

On the other hand there are UI frameworks that are solely used for the uniform iPhone apps. There is UI toolkit that is written in simple JavaScript and is created to speed up the web application just like the desktop. It normally comes with a high class view-component library. In this type of UI toolkit you don’t need to install any framework or include CSS.

There are UI frameworks that are used in order to develop speedy web applications, web sites, web desktops, widgets, modal dialogs, standalone windows and much more to name. Components of a UI framework include tree grid, dialog, tabs and time line, etc.

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JavaScript UI framework is based on Mool Tools. Basic components that are required by most applications such as, buttons, tabs, menus, trees, and dialogs, as well as a few more capabilities are provided by this UI framework. On the other hand, there are rich and well organized widgets that control the web 2.0 applications by using the Prototype JavaScript Framework.

Some of them have an integrated set of tools to enable the developers to develop and organize sophisticated user interfaces for several types of web applications. Generally, these tools include an XML markup language, JavaScript runtime, page compiler, control library, data binding engine, animation engine, runtime inspector, cross-platform library, Ajax as well as back button support.

The most exciting part of all these user interfaces is that you can easily avail them on the internet. You can see the examples and demos of all these UI frameworks, libraries and toolkits and then decide which one would be best for your Web UI framework. You can download them for free and enjoy a more improved UI toolkit or framework as well. However, you must check the license of the toolkit and frameworks before you download them on your PC.

Web UI Libraries, Frameworks and Toolkits

Bootstrap, from Twitter

YUI Library

Alloy UI

jQuery UI

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Dojo Toolkit


LivePipe UI

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