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In our modern, technology-driven world, icons are everywhere. Most people are familiar with icons via their computer or their smartphone. Other individuals might be bewildered as to how these vector icons are created in the first place. It can seem a little strange, but web designers are fully equipped to manage all kinds of different uses for icons. You can also find a great deal of different web icons for download from these designers. In large part, these icons are used for clickable links within apps on a smartphone. If building an intuitive app, you’re likely going to need a large cache of different icons to choose from. The buttons are also great for websites to provide easy, image-based links.

Vector icons essentially represent icons that are capable of being resized and scaled without any definition loss. Normally, many standard image files (like JPG) tend to pixelate when you mess with their size. To avoid this integrity loss when resizing and changing image files, there are plenty of different document types that you can choose from. Most designers will give you a wide selection of potential file types because they like to keep it open to keep open their potential list of buyers. It also helps to have increased compatibility overall. Many of these designers will provide you with PSD (Photoshop) files although other files (like EPS) are also really popular for vector icons. All vector icons and their file types allow them to be scaled as small or as large as you want without degrading the image quality.

These icons come in a variety of different packages that can be useful for a wide variety of different users. Here is a list of 20 of the best vector icon sets that you’ll find on the web.

Web Vector Icons Sets


All icons are available in vector format, you can change their size without the loss of quality, and are compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Impressionist Icons

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Impressionist Icons is an amazing pack containing 200 vector icons.  You can change and adapt icons any way you like (from 16x16px to unlimited sizes).

475 Vector Icons

With 475 vector icons ranging from a baby carriage to a stop hand, you’ll definitely find a wealth of things to use. This set can be exported in up to 8 different file types, and the icons themselves can be scaled into 7 different sizes ranging from 16X16 to 512X512.

105 Papercut Icons

These papercut icons look exactly like they’ve been cut out off a piece of paper with their white backgrounds. There are, of course, numerous icons to choose from in categories of business, finance, social network, and e-shopping. You’ll also find that each icon will have five different color options for a unique customization option.

App Icon Generator Vol.1

When creating an app, you’re obviously going to need to provide some uniqueness. With the App Icon Generator, you have practically unlimited amounts of options for app creation. It has 7 different frames, 9 textures and schemes each with their own options, and 11 vector glyphs. You can certainly create something unique with this icon generator.

30 Modern Social Icons

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Although this set bills itself as “30 Modern Social Icons,” they’ve actually updated it with 19 more icons. You’ll find icons for social media giants like Facebook and Twitter that can be resized into one of 4 different scalable options. This set makes it easy for your website or app to have clean, intuitive icons for social media websites.

Smooth Icon Set

Used for a variety of different website functions, this icon set provides clean, vibrant icons that will work for virtually any website. All of these icons are sized at 48X48 so you don’t have to worry about resizing anything yourself. Everything is ready to go right after purchasing.

Modern SEO Services Icons

These SEO icons provide an indication of a website optimization tools provided by your business. You’ll find everything from SEO copywriting icons to target keywords icons. You’ll also see that there are three unique styles and color and black and white options for you to choose from.

Map Icons and Elements – V.1

The icons and elements you’ll find in this set are primarily geared another application called 3D Map Generator Pro. Either way, the icons are useful for creating vibrant and useful images for the 3D map generator. You’ll find tons of different combination options as well as many different colors for these icons.

54 Social Media Icons – Elegant Edition

With the elegant edition of this set, you’ll find a wide array of social media icons with the option for easy customization. In fact, the icons themselves start out colorless and you can add color as you see fit.

60 Social Media Icons

With 7 different sizes and easy customization options, the social media world will make an elegant entrance into your website. They have also updated the amount to include 73 different social media icons. With smooth rounded edges in PNG files, you’ll be able to fill your website with elegant designs every time.

SEO Company Services Icon Set

The simple design of the SEO icon set will give you a professional way to display your SEO marketing tools. With options for everything from web development to SEO consulting, you’ll find the right icons for you with this set.

App Icon Creator

With the App Icon Creator, you’ll be able to create custom app icons that will fit your app’s style completely. It comes with 7 different themes and 6 different icon resolutions. It basically makes creating app icons much easier than anything else.

Metro Icons

With Metro Icons, you’ll find simple, circular icons in a wide variety of different categories. Indeed, they’ve got everything from network to transportation-themed icons for you to choose from that are already sliced and named.

Minicons Pack 1 (180 icons / .CSH included)

These miniature icons are sized at 16X16 and can provide you with a unique and colorful way to include icons into your website or mobile app. You’ll find everything from YouTube icons to simple volume icons. You’ll certainly be provided with a wealth of different icons to choose from.

Vectors Icons

The sheer amount of icons in this set will likely blow your mind. There are 1,464 icons to choose from in categories ranging from weather to sports. This set basically covers all your needs when it comes to vector icons including five different file types, 3 different sizes, and wide variety of different color options.

3D social media icons pack 01

These icons will really pop out from any screen. The 3D designs come with three different file types and sizes ranging from 16X16 to 512X512. You’ll also find many different social media icons ranging from YouTube to Blogger and everything in between.

PolarFrame Icon

The PolarFrame icon is a standalone icon that hearkens back to the days of Polaroid pictures. The icon is simple to make and requires only that you take a picture and include it in the icon for it to be operational. It works for many different apps and web-based options.

70 Mobile Interface icons

Designed with mobile devices in mind, these icons provide for simple customization and easy resizing. You’ll find everything you need for a mobile application and you’ll even be able to customize your icons with a specialized builder.

Function Premium Icon Set

For highly pragmatic icons, there’s no better option than the Function Premium Icon Set. It comes with several different vibrant options including music symbols and add/subtract buttons for a wide range of uses. There are 148 icons to use with this set.

Calendar Icon

Many websites could benefit from this calendar icon that changes dates with ease. You can also splash in a wide variety of different color options to create a truly unique icon that pops from the page.

176 Papercut Icons

You’ll get 176 Papercut Icons (as the name implies) in five different style categories. You’ll find categories for classic web, real estate, weather, medical, and ecological icons. You can also change background color and icon color to suit your needs.

All in all, you won’t find a modern app-based business or personal venture that doesn’t make use of these icons. Whether you’re creating a website or just app icon, there are plenty of options in this list to help you out. There are also plenty of different file types, icon sizes, and color options that can help you personalize each icon you purchase.

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