45 Examples of Websites Designed with HTML5

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HTML5 language has replaced the HTML4 that had been used to modify the website design over the past years. The failing of the HTML4 was it didn’t have the features of multimedia integration and the animations. Thus, the HTML5 has come up with the latest and advanced features and it works only in the latest versions such as Opera or Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Additionally, it also functions in the mobiles like Blackberry, Android-based phones and iPhone. Particularly, the HTML has many syntactical features that are very easy to handle the graphical or the multimedia content on the web.

Thus, most of the web designers and developers are using the HTML5 language to develop their websites. The latest version has many built-in features or concepts that focus on easy accessibility. Because of which many designers have left the previous version of HTML4 and have started to use the latest one. It is such a technical achievement that had made the website designing very simple and easy. The HTML5 does not have any issues with the compatibility and it supports all the older versions. The interoperability features of this latest language rule the entire web designing world at present.

The HTML5 allows the websites to load faster and also the connections will be very smooth with any third party platforms or mobiles or with any other websites when compared to the previous versions of the language. The other improvements in this language are it helps in the geolocation and enables the users to edit the websites they stop by. Because of these wide varieties of options and features and the emerging technologies in the HTML5 language, the web designers and developers will be able to design flexible websites which can serve as a media including the mobiles and tablets.

At present, the web giants such as Facebook and Google have started to apply the standards of the latest language. In the world of internet, there are thousands of people carrying out their business with the assistance of the websites only. And their highest standards of web designing requirements are also achieved by the HTML5 language. Thus, make sure the website you design is very appealing and is targeted towards the customers. There should be knowledgeable information on your site which should strike the customers when they visit. With latest features and the special effects of the HTML5, design a website and make it a successful one.

HTML5 Websites Examples




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